January 2018 News and Update Details

Here’s wishing Veronika, her family and all her fans a wonderful and prosperous 2018 !!!!

Happy New Year 2018

I always use this New Year post to reflect on the past year in terms of which updates have occurred to the index in 2018. Here are some of the statistics:

  • Number of new sets added to the index: 7
  • Number of magazines in which Veronika was published: 7
  • Number of set which were updated: 236
  • Number of updated or new images added to the index: 783
  • Number of new videos found: 0
  • Major sections added & updated on the website: Art, Wallpapers, Alternate Bio, New Home Page
  • Major milestone: the 1000th magazine was uncovered.

All and all not a bad year in terms of new material which continues to be published or uncovered of our Veronika, considering that it has been 7 years since Veronika “officially” retired. Here’s hoping that 2017 will yield as many new “goodies” for us fans.

As for plans for the website in 2018 ... as you can imagine this is a labour of love which never ends and will always have updates to be added. I still need to finish several major new sections including the "store" I promised and add the original Veronika "Diary & Blog" content.

If you have any suggestions or think there is content which is missing from the index, please drop me an .

Always want to hear from fellow Veronika fans!!!!

"www.VERONIKA.ZEMANOVA.info" Admin

Detailed List of Updates
Jan 30
  • New pic #51 thanks to PyroGray.

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