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Here you will find entries which Veronika posted in her "Blog & Diary" section of her previous website.

It provides a good opportunity for old and new fans to get a little glimpse into the professional life of Veronika and some of the interactions she had with her fans.

If you happen to have saved any additional "diary & blog" content not presented here then please drop me an with the details and I will be sure to add it.

April 14, 2003

My dear fans,

As you maybe know I am celebrating today. Actually I am celebrating twice: my own birthday and the birthday of Veronika-Zemanova.com. That happens on the same day by co-incident. I experience this as something very amazing and spiritual. You all give me a wonderful present - that you are here with me. I went through very difficult and hard times last couple of months, but I finally made it! However, I would not have made it, if I would not have a couple of incredibly wonderful people on my side. They are real friends. The heart of my old website team: my assistant Michaela, and my webmaster Standa. And my manager, PJ. This is my message to them: "Thank you guys, I love You!" I have to thank also the new people of our team, the new designer Adam, and the guys who built the software. My dear fans, welcome in our brand new home.

Kisses, Veronika

April 15, 2003

My dear fans,

Today (April 15) I was shooting with Angela Taylor in my house. We did some photo sets and also some videos, behind-the-scene videos, and interviews. How I see Angela? Angela is very beautiful (you will see yourself), but she is also a very nice person, full of energy, friendly, and always in love. You will see her already in the first photoset which is coming today. She is the only brunette besides me there. That was the main part of my day. After the photo shoot I just went to the gym, and for a lovely dinner.

Kisses, Veronika

April 18, 2003

My dear fans,

Yesterday I had to leave my house, because there was a photo shoot. (Strange, isn't it? Normally when I'm talking about a photo shoot I'm part of that myself. This time my house was rented by a photographer, and other models.) So I had to work on my computer in a hotel, but I'm used to that already. Today I also have to work a lot on my computer, because there are still a lot of technical problems with the website we have to solve. I hope and expect we will have solved all our problems within one week. (We then also will have replaced the small pictures of the new galleries by larger ones.) Today I also will have to go to a veterinary surgeon because my dog needs a check up. Tonight I maybe will visit a discotheque or night club, since I feel like dancing, but maybe I'm too tired when I have to work on my computer all day.

Kisses, Veronika

April 20, 2003

My dear fans,

Yesterday I just have celebrated Easter, as I think most of you have. Unfortunately I wasn't able to celebrate it with my friends in Prague, but I nevertheless enjoyed it. I had to get some time to relax anyway, since I will be very busy today. I'm going to work for someone who will create some very special video games, exclusively for me. In these naughty video games I will be the star myself. I'm very excited about this project, since I think it will be fun to play games like 'strip poker' against myself, and to get myself undressed like that. I think you, my fans, also will like to play with/against me like that. (It's just a pity I cannot get you undressed, when my video game character wins, but maybe some clever guy some day finds a solution for that problem as well.) Anyway, these cute video games will be in the 'interactive' section soon, I hope. My manager and I have discovered a great new model, of whom we are going to post some nice galleries soon. Her name is Dora. We are sure you're going to hear a lot of her in the future, since we also are sure that you will like her, and that she will become very popular soon.

Kisses, Veronika

April 24, 2003

My dear fans,

Today/tonight, as probably most of you know, I'm going to be guest of Danni at Danni's Hard Drive again. First Danni - or maybe another model- is going to talk with me, and ask me some questions, and next I will do some strip tease performance. (We will post a part of that live strip in our video section soon, and we also will post some other material, like the 'naked joke', here too.) I'm glad they offered me this opportunity, since this way I can promote my new website. I expect that at least a few hundreds or maybe even a couple of thousands of viewers will watch the interview. I just hope that they will not be very disappointed when they next visit this new website, since we unfortunately still have a lot of problems to solve. Apparently we were a little bit too enthusiastic and optimistic when we decided to launch the website already, about a week ago, even though not everything was perfect by then, and still isn't. At least everyone is working on it very hard, so I hope and expect our team to have taken care of all problems soon. I hope you all understand, and that you do not mind too much. Thanks.

Kisses, Veronika

April 25, 2003

My dear fans,

First I have to say I'm very sorry for all of you who stayed awake until late, or went home from work, early, because of my announced live appearance at Danni's Hard Drive, yesterday. Because of technical problems of their server, there was no live broadcast of the interview, and I also doubt that anyone was able to view my live strip, later on. Although I personally obviously can't be blamed for anything, I really feel very sorry for my fans, who may have been waiting for me in vain. Because of this frustrating experience I do not feel very well today, but my manager seems to have enjoyed himself very much. He told me he just came back from visiting a concert by former Beatles front man, Sir Paul McCartney. My manager considers McCartney one of greatest composers, and song writers of all time. We already received a few complaints from fans that even though the headline of the 'dairy' section says 'Take a peak through my EROTIC dairy entrees' so far nothing really erotic has been published here. Therefore my manager asked me to write down that he considers attending a live show of Paul McCartney - performing Beatles' classics like 'Hey Jude', 'Let It Be', and 'Birthday', and post-Beatles songs like 'Maybe I'm amazed' - even better than having sex. Well, if that's not an erotic statement, I don't know what is.

Kisses, Veronika

April 28, 2003

My dear fans,

On Saturday I have worked with Carlos Cartagena. I think he's a very talented artist, but he also is a very special person. I like him a lot, as I like all warm-hearted, considerate people. One of the advantages of my work is that I get in touch with a lot of people, and I'm glad now and then I get in touch with special people like Carlos. I also think he produces great works of art. A couple of years ago I posed for him already, when he made a great pin-up painting of me. (It was distributed as print, but f.e. also as car window sticker.) Actually it's not really a painting, but it's called 'airbrush'. It actually is like graffiti, but the artist uses some small mechanical spray equipment instead of an aerosol. Fascinating. Unfortunately I can't show you the result of our work on Saturday already, but you can view his previous airbrush painting of me in my portfolio (picture #9). Prints of that pin-up painting, as well as of the new work, we're going to sell in our online marketplace, which we will open soon.

Kisses, Veronika

April 30, 2003

My dear fans,

Today, just after arriving in Paris, I had a meeting with another person who I admire and respect a lot, Hervé Lewis. He's well-known as mental coach for a lot of international celebrities, but he's also a renowned photographer. He has worked for some of the leading photographical magazines, like 'Paris Match', and 'Max'. I have worked with him about half a year ago, because of two projects. One is an advertisement campaign for a famous sportswear company, Kanabeach, the other one was Hervé's own calendar project. We had a meeting yesterday, because he wants to work with me again, and I'm looking forward very much myself to work with Hervé again. It probably will be an artistic black&white pictorial again. You'll hear more about it here, soon enough. I'm glad that most people I have worked with, sooner or later want to work with me again. I always try to do my best, and I always get a lot of compliments, but the best proof that people apparently enjoyed to work with me of course is when they tell me they want to work with me again.

Kisses, Veronika

May 2, 2003

My dear fans,

Instead of telling you something about recent experiences I now want to explain something that some of you probably are wondering about: why I'm not in the finals of that Model Safari contest of Mystique Magazine (for which I had asked you to vote for me). Well, actually I won the contest in February - I was no. #1 in both ranking categories: most votes, and highest average rate - so I automatically was elected for the semi-finals. However, first then I found out that the winner of the finals will get $10,000, but all other competitors are expected to work FOR FREE!, during the entire time they will have to be available for the contest, in Brasil. Well, as I'm sure you'll understand and agree with, that's not really a good deal, even though I was told I definitely would have been one of the favourites to win the contest. (After all I was the one with the highest average rate of all competitors, during all preliminaries.) I really would have liked to participate on the finals, but I of course rather work on my website, for you, my dear fans, than to have to work on unpaid projects for Mystique Magazine.

Kisses, Veronika

May 4, 2003

My dear fans,

Today my manager received a birthday present (for me) from David, a true fan from Switzerland. David already had sent me presents before, and of course I appreciate that very much, although I, at the same time, feel a little embarrassed, since I don't know how to express my appreciation to him. After all he sent me those presents since he's a genuine fan, but since I never have met with him in person, he doesn't really know me as a human being. For him, and for most of you, I guess, I'm a good-looking model, and cyber babe. Apparently that's good enough to like and even admire me, and I really appreciate that a lot, but it also makes me a little uncomfortable, since I, in return, would like to do more for true fans, like David. At the same time I realize that unfortunately is not possible, since there are too much fans that would like to correspond with me, and since it practically is not possible to pay attention to all requests I get from people that contact me, or my manager. The only thing I actually can do, and will do, is to continue my work on this website, as a model, so I at least can please my true fans like that. Again, I would have liked to do a lot more, in order to express my gratitude to my fans, but I'm afraid this is all I can offer. Just remember that I'm really very very grateful for all admiration and compliments I get from you.

Kisses, Veronika

***P.S. David also once sent me some drawings he made of me. I like them very much, and I gladly will post them here, or in the fan club section, soon***

May 6, 2003

My dear fans,

I'm back in Prague now, after travelling all over the world. Now I can concentrate on the new website entirely, and I of course have, since I returned. However, the first day I also permitted myself to have some fun, and some time to relax, since the website team was celebrating Standa's birthday. Standa is my webmaster, and I'm glad I was able to be back in Prague betimes, to attend his party. We first had a great dinner, at a wonderful restaurant, and next we enjoyed the romance of the old centre of Prague, until late. That was yesterday. Today I had a meeting with our web designer, in order to discuss some major changes on the website. We're going to add a couple of pages to the 'free tour', and the 'news' section can use some restyling as well. You'll find out about these adjustments and additions soon enough, but next we're going to work on the all other required improvements you informed us about, in the fan club, and by e-mails. Thanks a lot for your great help on this.

Kisses, Veronika

May 8, 2003

My dear fans,

I'm afraid there's not a lot really spectacular happening in my life, and to tell you about, right now. The only thing I'm doing is: work on the website, more work on the website, and... even more work on the website. I think I should not bother you about that too much, although I know a lot of you sincerely are interested to know what's going on with the website. I read messages about that in the fan club regularly. Anyway, let me just tell you that it actually is really hard work, very exhausting, but it also gives me a lot of joy and satisfaction. Not only because of the support and enthusiasm I get from my team, but also because of the nice compliments I get from my fans. The only thing that really bothers me, is that a lot of people apparently still don't know that I don't have any kind of relationship with my former website, czechbeauty.com, anymore. I thought it would and should be clear by now, but I understand that they now have sent a letter to their members, unjustly suggesting I'm still kind of part of that team, representing them, even by writing those e-mails myself! (Impertinent, don't you think?) They also still have not removed the untrue website description - that it is my official website, which really is a shame! - and they also announce they will post new material of me in the future. Well, I doubt that very much. Almost all of my existing material you can find here, and I definitely will not make new material available to them. However, I don't want to spend my precious time and energy on argueing and fighting with them, I want to spend all my time and energy only on this new, great enterprise: my very own website. I'm actually working on various spectacular new projects for my website all the time. So, if you're not a member already, but you are a true fan and you want to be sure you will not miss anything really interesting in the future, do not join trivial, fraudulent websites, but go for the real thing: Veronika-Zemanova.com. You're very welcome.

Kisses, Veronika

May 10, 2003

My dear fans,

I told you two days ago already that I almost have no private life anymore, because of all the work that has to be done for the website. Of course still a lot has to be taken care of, since it's a totally new website, and since the website team is a combination of some people that worked with me before, and some people that are new on the project. However, it now looks like we're getting along very well, and I think soon the team is operating smoothly. That's very important, since we have to compete with a lot of other websites, but our advantage is that only we can guarantee that we will have new material of me in the future. Of course I will remain to be available for pictorials for leading magazines in the future, but as far as the internet is concerned, I almost only will work for my own website; exclusively so to say. Not only as model, but as photographer as well. (I will reveal my concrete plans soon.) Today we finished producing a new free tour, that probably already will be online when you read this diary entry, and I'm glad I now also can tell you that you may expect the first chat of me very soon. (Because it will be a live audio chat, which really is a challenge in technical respect, we had a lot of work on getting that to work.)

Kisses, Veronika

May 12, 2003

My dear fans,

In the fan club a guy asked me if I make appearances. I assume he means if I do live performances, in night clubs, or at contests, or conventions, or wherever. I'm afraid I have to disappoint him. I'm much too busy on working on my modelling career and website to make appearances. However, there will be an alternative, soon, when my live video & audio chats start. I want to make them look like I'm performing for my fans as if it's a personal appearance for them. That way my fans don't have to travel to see me, and I don't have to travel myself. It's one of the great advantages of the internet, and of course I want to make use of that, to please you, and to please myself. Just think how it would be like, when internet wouldn't be invented, or discovered, or how should I say that? By means of internet, I can get in touch with almost all people, all over the world. And, in order to make my website even more international, we now have decided to create French and Spanish language versions of the website as well, from next week on, since I want to make as much as possible people feeling comfortable here, including all the people that can't read English. Technically and practically it unfortunately will be impossible to have my website translated in all languages, but I think the least I can do is to introduce these two new language versions, to start with. If we are going to be extremely successful, maybe we can think of some other language versions as well. Like Arabic, Russian, or Chinese. And maybe also Dutch, so even my manager can read all the textual contributions here. (I'm just kidding, of course, but sometimes I just feel like teasing my manager a little.)

Kisses, Veronika

May 14, 2003

My dear fans,

Only one more day to go, and I will leave Prague for the Bohemian countryside, to visit my parents, and to relax a little, in the mountains. I think you will understand what I mean, especially when you, like me, grew up outside of the crowded cities. Sometimes you just need the fresh air, and the stillness you cannot find in the city. You long for a short revival of the good old times when you were young, and innocent, but after a few days you long for the lively, and noisy city again. At least that is what happens to me, every time again. However, for now I really look forward to visiting my parents, the more so as I haven't seen them for quite a while. They definitely want to hear me out about my experiences abroad, and of course I will tell them how the website is progressing. Talking about the website: since the wish of my members is my command, I gladly herewith announce the complete set of pictures from Sleekonline. We'll post them here very soon. I expect at least one of you (Travis22) to be very happy soon.

Kisses, Veronika

May 16, 2003




May 19, 2003

My dear fans,

I'm back in Prague now, after spending some days in the great Bohemian nature, far away from the capital of the Czech Republic. I was visiting my parents, who live there, together with my sister, and my brother-in-law. I hadn't seen them for a long time, so I was very happy to be able now to spend a couple of days together with all of them. Very near to the village where my parents live there is another small village, that's famous all over the world, because it's very old, historical and authentic. It's so special, that it even is protected by the international cultural organization Unesco. It's not only an interesting place because of all the monuments, but it's also the right place to be when you want to enjoy a great meal. Sitting next to a cosy fireplace it's very tempting to eat too much, which I actually did. I'm afraid the next one or two weeks I only can work as model when a photographer is looking for a stand-in for Miss Piggy. Anyway, I've enjoyed my short vacation very well, and I gathered a lot of energy, so now I'm fully prepared to work on my website very hard again.

Kisses, Veronika

May 21, 2003

My dear fans,

Today I actually wanted to tell you that I have started on working on my website again. Besides posting my own pictures, we are posting galleries of other models, with whom I have worked together. One of my tasks is to contact these models again, and ask them for some personal information, for their model page on my website. I wanted to do that today, and wanted to tell you what they told me. I also still have to take care of mailing some portfolio pictures for promotion purposes, and I wanted to tell you that I therefore was at the post office today, waiting in a row for a long time. I also had scheduled to make a lot of phone calls, like to the producer of the Czech movie I've worked on a couple of months ago, in order to find out when that film will be released. And I also wanted to discuss a lot of matters with my manager, and my website team, and I had planned to tell you all about all of that as well. But... instead of that I only can tell I didn't do anything today, except for having a full-day lie-down, because I'm quite ill. I have a fever, and I feel really terrible. Therefore, please excuse me, but I really don't feel like writing so there unfortunately will not be a diary entry today.

Sorry. No kisses, Veronika. (Yes, indeed, NO kisses from me this time. I'm afraid my cold is infectious, and I of course do not want to infect my sweet, devoted website members.)

May 25, 2003

My dear fans,

Thanks a lot for your sympathy. I'm actually feeling a lot better now. However, I didn't want to risk to fall back, so I didn't really do a lot in the weekend. I just have been lounging about the streets of the old centre of Prague, and in the night I visited a nice discotheque, that has been opened just recently. However, only to have a look, and not to dance, as I normally do, right after entering such a place, when I hear loud, rhythmical music. I first will start to work on the website on Monday again, but indirectly I have already worked on it in the weekend, since a young journalist from Chile had asked me for some personal information about myself, because of an article for a magazine he's working on, and therefore had sent me a large questionnaire. I guess that list of questions and answers also is interesting for my fans, so it's the idea to post that questionnaire on the website soon as well. I hope you will appreciate that, as I hope you will enjoy all the other forthcoming, new publications. I think there's a lot to look forward to.

Kisses, Veronika

May 27, 2003

My dear fans,

The last two days I've been working on the merchandise. We're going to open the e-shop soon, and of course we have to take care of various products to sell. You can find the usual stuff, like tea- and coffee-cups, T-shirts, posters, calendars, post-cards, etc. All with my image, and/or the website's logo. I've been posing for new pictures, especially for that purpose. But we also will use some pictures that are on the website already. (By the way, if you have suggestions or particular requests, please let us know. You can send us an e-mail, or post a message in the fan club.) We also will start to sell the videos and DVDs, featuring me, that other companies have produced, and distribute. I think that e-shop will be very interesting, especially for the fans who like to collect all kinds of material that's related to me, and/or the website, and I'm positive it will be successful. Anyway, there's still a lot of work to be done, but ultimately, slowly but surely, we're getting where we were aiming for, from the beginning.

Kisses, Veronika

May 30, 2003

My dear fans,

Yesterday was a very special day for me. Special night, actually. It was the first time I was doing a chat with audio. I was a little bit nervous, at first, but I got used to it very soon, and I really enjoyed it a lot. I think it's a lot more fun than the chats without audio, as I did before. I however understand there were some technical problems. The video and audio were working quite well, but most chatters couldn't read the transcript of the questions and comments. We already were able to solve that problem today, and we're working on solving the other technical problems now. I hope everything will be fine next time, so that next time everyone can enjoy the chat, without trouble. Anyway, I'm sorry that it didn't work out perfectly this time, but I already have been informed that the visitors prefer this new style of chat. At least I do. In order to enable all members from all over the world to join the chat, we are considering to schedule it at different times of day (and night). So next time maybe it's in the morning, or afternoon, instead of at midnight. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks for all your nice comments about the chat in the fan club.

Kisses, Veronika

June 2, 2003

My dear fans,

I understand that the pictorial I did for Playboy magazine a couple of months ago, entitled 'Girls Of The Import Car', is published in the edition of July. Dodadewus wrote it in the fan club. I unfortunately yet wasn't able to have a look at the magazine myself, since it takes some time before the current American Playboy magazine is available in Europe as well. I'm looking forward very much to have a look at it, soon, since Playboy magazine of course is something special. (My manager thinks I would have been the perfect and ideal Playboy model, if I would have started my career in a different way.) I was in American, and various international editions of other famous mens magazines a lot of times already, but this job for Playboy really was some kind of highlight for me, and I hope the pictorial will show that. It definitely was a tough job. I had to work on it for about seven hours, but the actual photography only took about half an hour. In the same period of time I also worked on a documentary for Playboy TV, so maybe one day they seriously are going to consider me as a future 'playmate of the month', even though I understand Playboy's big boss Hugh Heffner only fancies blondes. Maybe I should send him the set of pictures Suze Randall shot of me, in the capacity of impersonation of Brigitte Bardot. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, check my galleries.)

Kisses, Veronika

June 4, 2003

My dear fans,

The initial idea of this diary is that I write about myself. About my work and career, about business matters and private occurrences, about funny things that happened to me, my future plans, my opinion about various issues, and so on, and so on. I however also want to publish about myself in another way, by posting comments and poems that true fans wrote about me, and sent to me. I'm really flattered every time I read such great praises. Of course I always also feel a little embarressed, to post some kind of tribute about myself, but often I think they are so nice that I just want to share them with you. So today I'm not going to post a personal note, but a nice poem I received today:

"Veronika" (by Brian)

Within God's total creation of womankind she is the jewel of my eye and heart. She is nature's perfection. Her eyes are like two lustrous pearls that shine with exquisite splendor. Her hands are like lilies that are soft and delicate. Her hair flows like a stream on a clear spring day giving a warm look to her perfected elegance. Her cheeks are like roses that blossom with happiness and charm. Her face is like the sun, full of radiance, beaming with brightness to show off its attractiveness. It is also like the moon on a peaceful summer's night glowing to a soft, mellow perfection of loveliness. She is a reflection of nature's beauty.

Kisses, Veronika

June 8, 2003

My dear fans,

Probably you now were expecting to hear from me, how my weekend was, especially since I didn't write anything in my diary for a couple of days. Well, actually I spent almost all of the time in bed. Not because of an eventual new attempt to make this an 'erotic diary', as it was announced originally, and as you maybe were hoping for, but unfortunately because of a less exciting reason: I was quite ill again. I know, it's not an original excuse, but I just have to tell you as it is. Maybe you now think I'm a rather fragile person, and maybe you're right then, but my body actually never fails to fool me. A couple of years ago I had to work on a photo shoot at the beach. That is: the photographer and his crew were shooting (me) from the tickling hot sand of the comfortable beach while I was in the ice cold water of the ocean. Because of my job I had learned not to complain a lot, so I just stayed in the water as I was ordered, until the shoot was over. As a consequence I wasn't able to work for a couple of months, because of the pneumonia I had caught. Of course this occurrence made me being more cautious from that moment on, but sometimes things just happen all over again, without you noticing it. Like in January, when we were shooting the music video of my second song. Unexpectedly it turned out to be the coldest day of the saison (about minus 10 degrees C / 14 degrees F), and we were shooting in an old, abandoned, huge factory-building. It obviously was impossible to heat the entire space, so the only source of heat was a huge heater (that looked like a cannon, spitting warmth). While the entire film crew was wearing winterdresses, including bearskin caps, woollen shawls, and even gloves (and maybe even long johns; who knows), I was standing there, barefooted on the cold floor, wearing just some pieces of tiny underwear, and sometimes even less than that. Of course I tried to be near to the heater as much as possible, but most of the time I had to stand, act, and playback my song far outside of the heated area, pretending that everything was perfect rather than exceptional unpleasantly cold, as it actually was. Not only because of the coldness itself, but also because of the drastic changes of temperature, I was very afraid that I would get very sick again, afterwards. However, while most of the crew members indeed became ill after the shootings, I survived without any effect. As I said, my body never fails to surprise me.

Kisses, Veronika

June 13, 2003

My dear fans,

Prague is hot, hot, hot. I don't mean it's the place to be, because it's so popular (even though it may be), but I just mean it's really extremely warm here. Of course it's great when you can enjoy a real, hot summer, especially when you've had bad experiences with extreme coldness, like I wrote about in my previous diary entry. However, the heat-wave we experience here, right now, is not what I was looking nor hoping for either. I think it makes my brain functions slow down a little, and sometimes it apparently even closes it down completely. For example, the only thing I could think of, yesterday, was to go to a nice lake, to swim in the cool water, in order to cool off. During the ride to that lake, I all the time had the unpleasant feeling that I had forgotten something, but I couldn't think of what it was, no matter how hard I tried. First when I approached the destination, after a drive of an hour or so, there was this rare, lucid moment which made me realize I had forgotten... my bathing-suite. Well, you may think that's funny, and maybe, in retrospect, it indeed is, but I can assure you 'funny' was not the first description that crossed my mind then.

Kisses, Veronika

June 18, 2003

My dear fans,

Yesterday I really got very annoyed and frustrated, when I had to take care of some administrative matters for which I had to visit some kind of public office. Probably you will have experienced it yourself also, but I'm really wondering if there's another country that's as bureaucratic as the Czech Republic. I also believe those people you'll have to deal with, are only selected based on how unfriendly and un-cooperative they can be to customers. At least they are always extremely unfriendly to me. Especially the fat "ladies", who never fail to ignore me completely. Yesterday, for example, the particular female clerk didn't bother to pay any attention to me, but instead she was relatively attentive to the young man that clearly had entered the office and her desk after I had. Of course you then want to express your anger and frustration, but I already found out before that's not really helpful, when you're totally depending on the help of such a person. Anyway, in order to get a little calm and relaxed again, I decided to rent a nice video, which I viewed later on in the afternoon. It actually indeed helped a lot, since I really enjoyed that movie very much. It's a film starring my favourite actor, Nicolas Cage, 'Captain Corelli's Mandoline'. The combination of the great acting performance by Nicolas Cage and Penelope Cruz, and the romance of the story itself, made me to forget about the annoying occurrence of earlier that day completely. Maybe I even shouldn't have brought it up, now, but at least it's good material for the diary.

Kisses, Veronika

June 23, 2003

My dear fans,

I'm just back from a trip to the U.K. To London, actually. I really like London very much. Not only because of the great shopping centers, the great parks, but also because of a funny reason: I feel like I'm very special over there. I didn't really realize it before, but I'm rather well-known in England, likely because I have been in so many British men's magazines like Mayfair, Men Only, Just Girls, Men's World, Club International, and so on. Recently I also have been featured in two editions of Bizarre Magazine. I guess I have a lot of fans in the London area. Every single day I met with a couple of guys who recognized me right away, and who asked me for a signature. Of course they get that from me, although I think I personally never would ask for an autograph of a "celebrity" I would meet with by co-incidence. Well, maybe I would ask Nicolas Cage for his signature, when I ever meet with him in person. (I now realize it of course would be very funny, if he actually is a secret admirer of me, so maybe, when the two of us would meet with each other, we would have to exchange signatures.) Anyway, I always like to please people, so if I can make someone happy with just my signature, of course that person will get that from me. No problem. As long as they offer me a plain piece of paper instead of a bond or cheque to sign.

Kisses, Veronika

June 25, 2003

My dear fans,

You probably already know it, since it's posted in the 'news' section, but we unfortunately had to cancel the chat that was scheduled tomorrow (Friday) since I'm suffering from serious physical infirmity again. If you want to know what it is this time, I suggest you check your medical encyclopedia, and look for 'tonsilitis'. That, at least, is what my doctor told me, when he had examined my (sore) throat. Maybe my older fans remember the cult movie 'Deep Throat', which at the time was considered the first professional porn production. Well, what I experience now must be something completely different, since the last association I now can think of is sex. Anyway, I now kind of make it sound like it's funny, but of course it's not. I really feel terrible because of the pain and the inconvenience, and because of the fact that we therefore had to cancel the chat, at short notice. I hope we can make it up to you next week. (You can consider that a promise.) I may hope I'll be well again by then.

Kisses, Veronika

June 27, 2003

My dear fans,

When you already have viewed the video of the oil wrestling combat of me vs. Sydney Moon, you may think Sydney is a very rude and violent person, since she fights me brutally and eagerly, but the truth is she just is a very good actress. I think she's very natural, and spontaneous. As you probably know Sydney features regularly in so- called special editions of Playboy magazine, and obviously she's very pretty and sexy, but if you would happen to meet her on the street, you likely wouldn't recognize her like that. Sydney and I had a great time working together on that video. It really was fun to work on that project. The hardest thing to do (or not to do, actually) was not to laugh all the time, since the wrestling game should look like rather serious. Anyway, since most viewers apparently think Sydney was the better fighter, and therefore consider her the winner, I'm seriously considering to organize a return match. I may call Sydney soon, and invite her for another wrestling combat, exclusively for our websites. So, guys, if you think I deserve the opportunity to get my revenge, or if you just want to see the two of us in a wild romp again, let us know.

Kisses, Veronika

July 2, 2003

My dear fans,

I'm feeling a lot better now, so tomorrow, Thursday, I'm ready for the chat that originally was planned and announced last week. I won't be doing it on my own, but together with Edita Khainova. I know Edita also has a lot of fans here. I think she is one of the most popular models of my website. I will ask her tomorrow what she thinks of that, and how it feels like to be popular. By the way, if you want me to ask a particular, special question to Edita, you can send that question to me, or post it in the fan club. Tomorrow also is special to me, because I'm going to work as photographer again, since I will have to shoot another model myself (for my website, of course). If I'm not too tired, after the shoot, I will tell you tomorrow, in the diary, how it worked out. I'm really excited to work as photographer myself again, and I'm even a little nervous, but I assume I will get used to the situation very soon, since it's not really totally new to me. (If you don't understand what I mean, I suggest you have a look at the 'Think' interview in the 'words' section.) Anyway, I will let you know soon enough how it was.

Kisses, Veronika

July 8, 2003

My dear fans,

I had promised you to let you know how it has worked out with that photo shoot with another model, and I as the photographer. Well, I'm afraid it wasn't very successful. I was working with some completely new, advanced equipment, including lighting that I had never worked with before. Since I had to concentrate on all the technical matters so much, I wasn't able to pay enough attention to the artistic elements, which are at least as important. Consequently I'm everything but happy with the final result. Of course I still can post it on the website, as some kind of curiosity, but our policy is to publish quality material only. I therefore think I better wait until I've finished my next shoot, which definitely will be a lot better, since I'm getting used to the equipment now.

Because I also wanted to write something nice and positive in the diary of today, I was thinking whole day about a subject. When I almost was about to conclude nothing really interesting and worthwhile (to inform you about) had happened to me, lately, we - I was together with a friend - spotted a pigeon on the street, which didn't move at all when we almost hit it, with our car. We got out of the car right away, and found out that pigeon was seriously ill, since it showed no sign of flying away, or hiding, or whatever birds normally do when people attempt to catch, or even just touch them. Since we of course couldn't leave this tender animal to his (her?) fate, we had no other choice than to take it to a vet. We had to leave it there, and we will hear later on if they were able to cure the pitiful bird. I still don't know, so I can't tell you now whether or not this diary entry actually is something positive, with a happy end, as I was looking for. For now I only can hope all our efforts were not in vain.

Kisses, Veronika

July 16, 2003




July 17, 2003

My dear fans,

Sorry for not getting back to you earlier. I think the website's management informed you already I'm on vacation now. I'm actually having some quality time on one of the islands between Europe and Africa. I'm enjoying the great nature, and the interesting city, downtown, but of course you also can find me on the beach. (Don't take that literally; I would appreciate to have some privacy.) The weather is great, and the people here are very nice. I'm just enjoying this vacation as normally most of you will, when you're enjoying your vacation, so I think you'll have an idea how it is like. I therefore will not bother you with boring details. However, I'm not just idle, but I also have worked here, on a few new photo shoots. I'm quite positive you'll like them, since they really are very good, I think.

I also still owe you the latest information about the wounded pigeon I found on a street, last week, in Germany. (By the way, 'Bluehand', how did you find out it actually was in Germany, where I found that sick pigeon? I can't remember I told anyone!) I'm very glad that the bird survived, and that it looks like she will be totally recovered very soon. I first thought one, or maybe even both her wings were broken, since she couldn't fly away, but the veterinarian explained that the pigeon only had a broken leg. However, even when nothing at all is wrong with the wings, birds seem to be unable to fly when one of their legs is broken. Anyway, the bird is fine now. She was underfed since she apparently hadn't eaten anything for about one week, but after the medical treatment she started to eat again, and now she really seems to be quite healthy again. My friend's mother is taking care of the bird now, and soon I expect her to be ready to return to her natural environment again.

Next time I'll tell you about another occurrence starring an animal. (Which story actually is related to my vacation here.)

Kisses, Veronika

July 23, 2003

My dear fans,

My vacation wasn't really a vacation, at first, since I also was working on some photo shoots, for the website. But now, the last week of my holidays, I have decided to enjoy and cherish my spare time fully, without thinking about work or obligations. I even made myself totally unavailable and unapproachable for my manager, so it now really feels like vacation. However, there still is an unfulfilled obligation - to you, actually - in so far that I had announced another story starring an animal, in my last diary entry. So here's that story: I was entering the ocean to go take a swim, and when I looked up I saw a school of dolphins swimming in my direction. Then the dolphins stopped and started swimming spelling out "V. U brighten even the darkest corners of our world"... I'm just kidding now, of course. I'm copying a story of one of my dearest fans, Frodo, as he wrote it in the fan club section. I really appreciate and enjoy contributions like that, so why should I bother to think of something myself, when you, my fans, write such lovely, funny stories for me?

Anyway, the story I originally wanted to tell you is about a dog. Not my own dog, actually, but the dog "of the hotel" where I'm staying. This little dog is living in the hotel, like I am, but he isn't paying for his lodging there, unlike me. Nor is his boss, since he doesn't have a boss. He's a stray animal, who once just decided not to live "on the streets", sleeping under bridges, in cardboard boxes. No, this stray dog permits himself some luxury, and lives and behaves like a kind of playboy... sorry, playDOG. He spends all his precious time with the most friendly hotel guests, who, in his case and optic, are the guests who feel responsible for his lodging, and for entertaining him. I think you already guessed that he has chosen me to be his hostess, at least for as long as I will be here, on the isle, myself. He's accompanying me for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, he sleeps in (or actually: on) my bed, he regularly takes me out for a walk, and so on. It however is not always as romantic as it may look like, and as I'm kind of suggesting now. For example, he may consider himself dignified and courteous, in fact of course he still is an ordinary mongrel, who for example constantly needs to get rid of vermin, like ticks. Not really the most pleasant job to take care of, but I'm afraid I'm going to miss my little, faithful "beggar" very very much when my vacation is over, and I'll have to leave the isle, soon.

Kisses, Veronika

July 28, 2003

My dear fans,

My vacation is over, and I've returned to Prague now. I guess at least some of you now want to know how hard it was to say 'good bye' to that lovely dog I felt in love with, during my stay in that hotel on Ibiza. Well, actually, it was TOO hard, after all, to bid farewell to that dear creature. It likely wouldn't have been a problem for him to stay in and around the hotel during the summertime, since the guests and the hotel personnel would have paid enough attention to such an adorable animal, but I found out that the hotel is closed during the wintertime, so how was that little, helpless dog supposed to survive, let alone to continue his life in luxury, as he was having with me, and before with other guests who had hosted and pampered him, when he had charmed himself into their attention and hospitality. To make a long story short: I have two dogs now. The one I had already now shows some unsuspected motherly feelings, which actually is great, the more so as I had no idea how the two would get along with each other.

I'm going to move to a bigger apartment very soon, so my two pets will have some space to play, and entertain themselves. I need that, for them, since I will not be able to spend so much time with (and on) them as I had during my vacation, since I expect you to be waiting for regular updates of brand-new material on my website. So, no time to fool around, and idle, any longer. The work (on the website) is waiting for me. However, after a hard day of work, it obviously will be great to be warmly welcomed, on my arrival at home, by my two sweethearts.

Kisses, Veronika

July 31, 2003

My dear fans,

One of you asked me a question in the fan club, a while ago. He wanted to get more information about a television program I did last year. He actually had found a clip of that show somewhere on the internet. I yet didn't know that it was posted on a website myself, but I gladly herewith want to tell you more about that performance in that television show, since I really liked to work on that project a lot.

The program is entitled 'Eurotrash'. It's produced by the company Rapido TV, and you can watch it, if you have access to British commercial television station Channel 4. 'Eurotrash' is kind of weird, and it definitely is controversial. A lot of people - in Great Britain, mainly - like it very much, but others may think it's (too?) silly and vulgar. Maybe it indeed is, in some respects, but I think it mainly is supposed to be considered unpretentious entertainment. Nothing more, and nothing less. The show itself may look like a little shabby, but let me tell you that I rarely have experienced a better organization than what that production team and crew achieved. Everything was really perfect, from the beginning until the end. They had arranged and paid (in advance) the flight tickets for me, and had sent all flight details to my manager, they picked me up at the airport (Charles de Gaulle airport, actually), they brought me to a fantastic hotel in Paris, to relax a little, and to prepare for the show, then had us - my manager and I - picked up again by a taxi, to deliver us at the studio, and so on. (You may think that's just normal, when you're hired for a job, abroad, but if you think that, you probably are not a glamour model, who has travelled all over the world.) In the studio everyone was exceptional nice and helpful, so it was very easy to feel comfortable and to get in the right mood. (Mind that I was going to do something like this, performing in a television show, for the first time in my life. I actually had almost no idea what to expect, and I didn't know what they actually were expecting from me. I only knew they kind of desperately wanted me to star in their show.)

I think I better make this story a serial, since there's really a lot to tell about that program in general, and my contribution in particular. I therefore suggest I will post the next episode of my adventure in Paris, working on that tv show, in a few days. For now I just want to change the subject, in so far that I understand some fans want to find out about the name of my dog. I however think it's quite amusing not to tell you right away, but to have you guessing what it is. I doubt someone will get it right, eventually, but I already will start thinking about a proper prize for the competitor that comes closest.

Kisses, Veronika

Aug 6, 2003

My dear fans,

For those few of you who weren't able to attend the chat, last week, and who haven't read the messages in the fan club, I herewith want to disclose that the name of my new dog isn't a secret anymore. During the chat I just gave a few, insignificant hints, but a smart guy from Canada guessed the right name quite quickly. His name - of the dog, not of that smart guy from Canada - is Muffin. Don't ask me why. It was his name already, before I was his new "boss". Maybe because he looks a little like a (chocolate) muffin, because of the colour, or maybe because Hot Dog wasn't considered original enough. By the way, it actually was a lot more difficult to become the new "owner" of the dog, than you might think after reading my previous diary entry about this subject. I already told you no one, including the hotel staff and personnel, seemed to care about the dog really, and definitely no one had planned to look after Muffin in the wintertime, when the hotel is closed. However, when I had informed the hotel manager that I was willing to take the dog with me, abroad, he at once "turned out to be" very attached to the sweet animal he then, for the first time, named 'his pet'. He said he meanwhile had gotten used to Muffin, and he thought the hotel wouldn't be the same anymore without the charming presence of this lovely creature. However, since he understood I was serious, and since he guessed I would be a good new boss, he said he ultimately was willing to hand over the dog to me. Of course that originally seemed to be a very noble, altruistic gesture, but it actually was something totally different, which I first found out when I got the bill for my stay in the hotel. One of the 'miscellaneous costs' was $1,000.00 for... the dog. Can you believe that? I will not have to tell you how mad and disappointed I was, when I found out about this "trick" to make a lot of money by means of a helpless, neglected animal. I also will not express my honest opinion and feelings about such a behavior and such a person here, since I don't want any dirty language in my diary. Let me just tell you that I finally fortunately was able to make a deal with that hotel manager. I only had to compensate the various costs he had made because of medical treatment and preparations because of the imminent emigration. I'm glad I was able to get the dog out of the control of such a person.

Kisses, Veronika

Aug 11, 2003

My dear fans,

I didn't really have time to write something for the diary, lately, and actually I even didn't have the time and opportunity to live a normal life anyway, let alone to experience something spectacular and interesting, since I was occupied with moving all my stuff to another, bigger apartment. The job is not done yet, but I really needed a few days to relax, and to gain some new energy, so in the weekend I have visited, and stayed with my parents, in the mountains.

I was going to tell you a little more about that adventure in Paris, last year, where that 'Eurotrash' tv show was recorded. Mind that it's actually a show particularly for the British, but about the foreigners, abroad. Like the name of the show already suggests, it actually is about the (supposed) strange behaviour of the weird people that live on the European continent. The British apparently like to make fun of them (like also the European citizens sometimes make fun of the British). Anyway, as I wrote already, that show is not supposed to be taken seriously. It's just plain entertainment, without pretensions.

They already before had expressed some kind of interest in me, as one of the most popular European internet models, to feature in their show, but they were definitely interested, when they had found out I just had started a career as a singer as well. They eagerly wanted me to perform my first record, 'The Model', in their show, and they had done everything possible to make it a great recording. They had hired some professional female dancers, and they had thought of a great setting, in so far that I actually was performing before a plain blue wall that later on, in the post-production, would be replaced by futuristic graphical animations. It took some hours before the shootings were concluded, but finally everyone, including me, was very happy with what we had achieved, even though I only had a vague idea how it was supposed to look like, later on. Mind that it was the first time I was performing my song before a camera, and a professional crew. Actually it was the first time I was performing that song at all. Anyway, I was looking forward to that tv program to be broadcast, but unfortunately it didn't work out as I had expected, and hoped for. As anyone had expected, actually. Just before my performance was scheduled, as item of the show, my manager was informed that the management of the German band Kraftwerk, which group originally had written and recorded 'The Model', wasn't willing to authorize Channel 4 to broadcast my version of that song. Not because they didn't like me - they actually didn't know who I was - nor that they didn't like my version of the song - they hadn't heard that yet - but just because they didn't want any cover version of their songs to be broadcast anywhere. Until now, about a year later, we still don't know what their problem is.

Since that forbidden 'Eurotrash' performance was supposed to be the spearhead of the promotional campaign, we consequently also had to cancel the international release of my first CD-single, which of course is a pity. However, I still hope one day some ambitious record distributor will give it another try.

Kisses, Veronika

Aug 21, 2003

My dear fans,

I'm really very sorry that I've let you down for a long time, not posting my regular diary entry here. I really wasn't able to write anything in my diary, since I was too busy with moving into my new apartment. That move asks for all my time, energy and attention from early in the morning until late in the evening. It's really frustrating, when you're working the whole day, but can't see almost no result at the end of the day. Besides that, everything goes wrong. The phone and fax line, which were installed a week ago already, still do not work. The new washing machine doesn't neither. Of course I could have written about those frustrations, but I think I better do not bother you. You probably have experienced frustrations like that yourself, at some time in your life, and you then also didn't want to bother your friends with such personal nuisances.

Yesterday I however was able to escape those irritations, for one day. I was working with photographer Charles, who is assistant of J. Stephen Hicks, but was shooting me for his own, forthcoming website, which is supposed to be launched soon. It's kind of a latex special, and in so far a treat for all the lovers of that particular fetish. You, as member of my website, don't have to wait until that new website is online, since the same material will be posted here, on my website, as well.

For those of you who want to know how my dogs are doing, I have good news. They get along with eachother remarkably well. Even better, every day. It's very funny to see how Muffin always is imitating Lara. When Lara sits down, Muffin sits down, when Lara is doing something funny, Muffin tries to copy that, and so on. Until now I unfortunately always was too late to video tape their funny performances, but one day I will have recorded it, so I can post it in the videos section. I assume you will not mind that then, just once, you'll find a video of those two sweethearts instead of a video of me.

Kisses, Veronika

Aug 30, 2003

My dear fans,

I've almost finished moving, and decorating my new apartment now, and it really is going to look quite cosy. At last. I had my mother, and my sister with her little daughter over here, in my new apartment, for a couple of days, and they also felt very comfortable, and like it very much. The location is perfect. Even though it's in the centre of the old, historical part of Prague, it's rather quiet, most of the time.

My apartment is very near to a lot of nice shops, bars, and restaurants, which are visited by a lot of tourists. Talking about restaurants and tourists: a few days ago I was having a lunch in such a place, and a bunch of British sports guys apparently recognized me, watching through the window of that restaurant. They came in, asked me nicely to pose with them for a picture, while suggesting I was having lunch together with all of them, and then they left again. I assume that's an example of the typical, famous British humour.

As I have written in this diary a couple of times already, it was extremely hot in Prague for quite a while, but now it starts to get rather cold. Since the central heating in my apartment isn't working yet, I think I better take a hot bath now, so this announcement concludes my diary entry for today.

Kisses, Veronika

Sept 8, 2003

My dear fans,

A couple of times the first lines of my diary entry were kind of statement that I actually didn't know what to write, since nothing special had happened to me, but sometimes, like now, too much has happened. However, even though I don't mind sharing private and intimate details with you - that actually is the idea of a diary, like this - some occurrences I don't consider suitable to inform you about, in detail, by means of a diary entry. I however also realize you now will be wondering what I'm talking about, so let me just explain briefly: last week the mother of my closest friend has died. She was quite old already, and was suffering from terminal illness, but her death still was kind of unexpected. I only have met with her a few times, briefly, but I had found out right away she still was very vivacious, wise, and above all exceptional warm-hearted and considerate. I may assume I don't have to explain I'm very sad and kind of numb right now, so don't expect me to write some jollity now.

I just have returned from a trip to London. My friend had to be there for business matters, and of course I wanted to accompany and support him during this difficult period of time. I therefore had the opportunity to meet with Dora - one of the top models of this website, who actually is based in London - to discuss some future work for the website, and also to meet with my manager. He actually had a nice surprise for me. He handed me over some presents (for me) he had received from David Big Fan, and of course I wanted to thank that guy in person, on the phone. I think David enjoyed very much to hear from us, like this. (I assume he will write about it, in the fan club.) I personally like to get in touch with fans, even though I'm at least as nervous as the fans, when I'm on the phone with them.

I will post some of David's drawings on the website soon, as well as the video my manager shot of me, in London.

Kisses, Veronika

Sept 17, 2003

My dear fans,

When you are reading this, you likely will be interested to read, and to find out about my life, as a model, and as the person I am. That's the aim of the diary anyway, to let you know what's happening in my life, and career. You likely also will have read my biography, so you know a little bit about how my career, as a model, has started. I bring this up now, since various people have expressed interest to produce a documentary about my life, and career. I already have worked on a project like that, for Playboy TV, but that was just a very short portrait of me. Actually it was more or less about an "adult star" in general, and they had asked me to "play" that role. Some other people however seem to be interested to make a film about me, the professional model Veronika Zemanova, based on the facts of my real life. That interest seems to be quite serious, but nothing is concrete yet. I had a meeting with a renowned British photographer, when I was in London, last week. He has some interesting ideas about such a documentary, starring yours truly. Maybe that project is going to work out. I hope so very much, since it looks like quite promising.

Of course you, my dear fans, are going to be the first to hear about it, when it's definite, or at least when it's more concrete. For now I have to ask you to be a little patient, like I'll have to be as well. But isn't it great that some professional film makers apparently think it's interesting to make a documentary about me? I really feel privileged. Wouldn't you?

Kisses, Veronika

Sept 22, 2003

My dear fans,

People sometimes ask me how my manager treats me. Of course it's difficult for me to answer that, since he may find out about my answer. As you will understand I can't afford to make him angry, so I better don't say anything negative about that issue myself. People who know me, and him, told me the relationship between my manager and me is like the relationship, at the time, of Elvis Presley and his manager, Colonel Tom Parker (also a Dutchman, by the way). To me my manager is severe, but righteous. At least that's what he claims himself. Again, I don't want to say what I think, since I of course don't want myself to get in trouble, but I herewith suggest you to find out about that relationship yourself. Just view the "postcard from London" video, which has been posted on the website today. What do you think: was it a stupid, thoughtless omission not to bring anything with me to feed the ducks in the Hyde Park? Maybe that would be a good question for the e-poll we have planned to introduce soon.

Talking about that video, I herewith also want to explain I definitely know the difference between dogs, cats and squirrels (to name just a few sorts of animals). Our discussion actually was not about the particular species itself, but about the English name of the particular kind of animal. I however have to admit I'm not an expert on squirrels, or other kinds of rodents in general, so I'm always glad that you, my dear fans, always teach me. (This time it was Stefan Urbat again. Thanks a lot, Stefan.)

Oh, before I forget: the webmaster asked me to remind you to consult the 'help' section, when you experience failing or faulty playback of that video. I understand you need to have DIVX installed, whatever that may be.

Kisses, Veronika

Sept 26, 2003

My dear fans,

A couple of days ago I wrote about the forthcoming 'Tomcat Competition' in the forum. However, I'm afraid that forum isn't well-known yet. A lot of members seem not to have noticed it, so I herewith post the same message in the diary. Further details, and instructions, will follow after the weekend.

Here's the announcement of that 'Tomcat Competition':

Herewith I want to announce a funny game we soon want to play with you, my dear fans. You're all here to view my pictures and videos, to read things about me, and to look at material of the other models of course, but for a change we want to turn the tables, and make you the star of a new play we have devised. We, the website staff, are looking for the "best member" of this website. So we have thought of some ideas to find out about that. We will put questions and/or instructions before you, and next we'll figure out who of the competitors did the best job on that. The winner will get some nice prize. Every month we're going to elect a winner, and at the end of the year we will elect the "best member of the year". Since the competition is related to the website, we want to refer to the website's "pussycat" logo, so we have thought of an official title for the monthly and yearly winners: "Tomcat of the month/year". What do you think? Is this going to be fun, or what? Anyway, in a few days we're going to inform you about the first question or task. So check the forum soon again, if you want to take part in this spectacular competition.

Kisses, Veronika

Oct 2, 2003

My dear fans,

Herewith I want to apologize for the technical problem that made this website to disappear from the internet, earlier today. I'm not an expert myself, so I had to ask our technical guy what had caused the disturbance. This is what he told me: "...it was simply an error in configuration of our ISP (Internet Service Provider)... they changed some settings of our domain and forgot to change it on all places, where they should do it...". Again, I'm very sorry you weren't able to get access, but I understand it's solved now. I will write more tomorrow, but I just thought I should inform you about the failure now.

Kisses, Veronika

Oct 3, 2003

My dear fans,

I hope you were not too disappointed when you couldn't get access to this website yesterday. We were not online for a while, and the reason for that is quite silly, actually, as I tried to explain in my diary entry of yesterday already. It was not our fault, but of course we feel responsible, and therefore we apologize. We will try to arrange it will not happen ever again, but some particular technical matters we likely never will be able to control. Thanks to all the fans, who informed us about the unfortunate fall-out. Talking about fans, I really enjoy reading the messages in the fan club, and forum, every day. Especially when they are so nice and complimentary, like about the most recent photo shoots we've posted, which you seem to like so much. I just hope the photographer will not read those compliments, since he likely will not remain to be as modest as he's been so far.

Oh, I also have to explain now that we unfortunately still haven't finished preparing that 'Tomcat Competition' yet. It takes a little more time than we originally had expected and hoped for. I hope you will be a little more patient. It definitely will be something spectacular, so we want to prepare it carefully. I hope you understand.

Kisses, Veronika

Oct 9, 2003

My dear fans,

Last week I've been quite busy. I was preparing the pictures which I had shot one week earlier. I worked with two models, Edita and Katka. Edita is one of the well-known models of this website. I know that a lot of members like her very much, so I'm sure you will like the various sets I shot of her. The other model, Katka, is a new girl. I'm convinced you will like her as well, since I think she's also very pretty, and photogenic. The pictures of both these models will be posted on the website soon. Personally I'm quite happy with the result of the shoots, and I think especially the setting with a motorcycle will be to your likings. I would appreciate if you would write down your opinion in the forum, especially when it's positive of course. (But if it's critical, don't hesitate to post it as well. I realize very well I'm still just a beginner, as photographer, and I still have to learn a lot, so I can use all kinds of advices, and suggestions.)

Kisses, Veronika

Oct 16, 2003

My dear fans,

I always love to read the messages in the fan club, even though some messages are not really flattering for me. (But that's just part of the deal and inevitable, when you make the fan club accessible to non-members as well.) Fortunately the messages of the true fans are that nice, that I can forget about those few abusing messages right away. The steady contributors are very entertaining and interesting, and when I read their messages I always feel proud to have fans like that. But they are not just amusing. Sometimes their messages are very instructive, and pedagogical. For example something one of those regular writers, Tallblond(guy), wrote, not long ago:

"...actually - when i smoked i never got ill. and since i'd quit i do get sick -- go figure. but as i told you, my dad smoked about two packs a day since he was young -- and i'm sure it contributed to his early death. please quit, babydoll???..."

Yes, I know. I shouldn't smoke. It's unhealthy, and even perilous. Actually I've quit smoking (again), two weeks ago. Like Tallblond I got sick, right away, after quitting, but I'm not sure the illness was caused by the lack of (and my need for) cigarettes. I think I wouldn't have been able to stay away from cigarettes for such a long time already, if I wouldn't have known about the helpful surrogate: chewings gums with nicotine. I started with about ten chewings gums per day, but now I'm down to two. Of course I still long for a cigarette, every couple of hours, but I still was able to resist the temptation. Please wish me good luck with my latest and last (I hope) attempt to get rid of that dirty habit, so you, from now on, can enjoy a smoke-free 'official website of Veronika Zemanova'. Thanks.

Kisses, (smoke-free) Veronika

PS ... I likely never will be able to smoke again, after writing this stout diary entry. Don't hesitate to reprimand, when you ever catch me smoking again.

Oct 20, 2003

My dear fans,

Since you, my dear fans, are so nice to post thoughtful advices and suggestions for me in the fan club every now and then, let's change places for once, and let me, at this position, give you some free advice. I'm sure you will appreciate it, especially when you have a dog, like I have. (There are a few diary entries about both my dogs, and you even can see both of them on the pictures of some of the latest galleries.) Here's the story, and consequent advice: I recently have experienced one of those typical differences between human beings and dogs (or animals in general, actually). One day Muffin - for those of you who do not read my diary regularly: I don't mean the sweet cake, but my sweet dog - had enjoyed his daily quality time in the park. The moment I saw him back again it was clear he was very proud of himself, since he had a big smile on his face. It didn't take long for me to find out what typical ragamuffin action he was so proud of: he smelled terrible, like shit, literally. (Sorry I have to use a word like this, but I don't know how to describe it in a better way.) Anyhow, I had no other choice than to bath the dirty dog, but unfortunately I was out of dog's shampoo, so I had to use the shampoo I normally use for myself. Unlike the dog's shampoo that contains a nice perfume scent, but it apparently was not really to Muffin's likings. That I found out the next day, after another daily walk through the park. Instead of spreading the fine odour of my perfumed shampoo, Muffin again was smelly like before. Apparently he had found, and enjoyed, the same malodorous dunghill again, just to regain a smell he considered more pleasant and more typical for dogs in general, and himself in particular. Of course I had to take him home again, right away, to put him into the bath again. But when I wanted to shampoo him, as before, I realized I still hadn't had the time to buy dog's shampoo, so I once more had to use my own shampoo... I think I better not bother you with the result of that, and therewith the rest of this rather embarrassing continuing story.

(I assume you have guessed already the advice is embedded in the story.)

Kisses, Veronika

Nov 1, 2003

My dear fans,

At the moment I'm travelling, but I don't want to tell you where I'm now, since that must remain to be a secret because of a funny item we're working on right now. (It's not really something very spectacular, but I just don't want to spoil the fun of it.) Anyway, let me tell you something else, which also is funny, instead. Remember I informed you I've quit smoking a while ago? Well, I still haven't smoked a cigarette since then, and it now really looks like this time it will be serious and forever, unlike all the various previous attempts to quit smoking before. Maybe I'm more successful now, since this time it's kind of competition between me and my assistant, Michaela. She also decided to quit smoking, and to consider this a great opportunity to stimulate and encourage eachother not to give up easily. The funny thing now is that in the past, when we were discussing website matters during our weekly lunches in our favourite restaurant, after an hour or so our ashtray was full of ash and cigarette-stubs. Now, since we both don't smoke anymore, the ashtray isn't empty, but full of chewed nicotine chewing gums. I wonder if the restaurant personnel considers that a change for the better, since those chewing gums can be quite sticky.

A few days ago I by surprise found out that really the strangest people, of whom you would expect it the least, seem to read my diary on a regular basis. Even my manager must have read one of my most recent diary entries, since he now gave me a present which wouldn't make sense otherwise. Or can you explain why he considered a big squeeze bottle of de-deodorized dog shampoo an appropriate present to give to me?

Kisses, Veronika

Nov 10, 2003

My dear fans,

Last time I wrote that I was travelling, and now I have to write I'm travelling again. I actually was at home, in Prague, for a short time, but now I'm abroad again. This time it has to be considered a real, serious vacation. The previous times it also was supposed to be some kind of vacation, but I always had taken my photographical equipment (with photographer to match) with me, as well as my laptop (for working on my website, and retouching pictures of new galleries I'd shot). This time I however left everything at home. Even my mobile phone. No person or activity can disturb or distract me now, so I definitely will enjoy relaxing holidays this time. Since I will not be able to get access to the internet, or even to my website's team, I will not be able to post diary entries for the next two weeks. That's the bad news. The good news is that I hope and expect some interesting and/or funny things to happen over here, while I'm enjoying my vacation, so I likely will have something to write about, next time, when I'm back again. Maybe my dogs' home will have to be extended, since you never know how many foreign mongrels are able to attract my attention and pity this time. (If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you're obviously not a regular visitor of my diary.)

I'm looking forward to find out how many members are taking part in the competition we have introduced recently. I think it's a funny initiative, but I have no idea what you think of it. I personally anyway think it's worthwhile to give it a try.

Before I'm going to completely forget about my website - but just for two weeks; don't worry - I want to reply to a few comments and questions I have read in the fan club. (In the future I will respond to your messages in the fan club and forum more frequently than before anyway.) SHAZ, for example, asked for an in-depth interview. Well, we actually have planned to post something in my 'words' section soon, so your wish is my command. Another valued contributor, FRODO, explained that he, unlike me, isn't surprised that even my manager is reading my diary entries, as I wrote in the diary a while ago. Since I meanwhile have learned about his sense of humour, I have no doubt that he was just kidding. My remark, as well as his reply to that, both were pure irony, of course. I just have to explain this now, since others may think it actually was serious. My manager actually not only reads my messages, he even has ordered me to put them before him, before they are posted here. He seems to be afraid I might write stupid things, and he wants to avoid I make a fool of myself. So far he however never had to delete or adjust something, but he still is cautious when it's about website matters in general, and my diary in particular. At least that's his explanation and justification. I however think he just wants to read my diary entries prior to publication, because he's afraid I make a fool of HIM. Well, I of course never will do that, but maybe he's just excessively suspicious. Talking about my manager, some contributions in the fan club are about my supposed relationship with him. Well, whether or not I'm actually looking for an intimate relationship with anyone (which actually is a private matter), I'm definitely not that desperate that I need to date my manager.

Kisses, Veronika

Postscript by manager PjP: it's true that Veronika and I don't have an intimate relationship, but the actual, one and only reason for that is that I only date blondes.

Nov 29, 2003

My dear fans,

I don't know if you have missed me, but I can assure you I definitely have missed you. I had explained already that during my trip I wouldn't have access to the internet, and I even wasn't able to contact anyone of my website's staff by phone. I therefore wasn't able to find out what was happening over here. However, as soon as I had returned, I had a quick look at the fan club and forum, and found out at least some of you seem to miss me. They also wished me a great, relaxing vacation - thanks, guys - and I'm glad I herewith can tell you I definitely had one. I only had hoped you could have accompanied me, but that likely would have caused a practical problem, since the little tropical island I was staying on isn't big enough for all of us (together). I'm quite sure about that, since I had the best possible position to check that out: I was enabled to see the entire isle from above, since they had invited me for a flight over the island in a helicopter. As you will understand, that was a great experience. But it actually even wasn't the highlight of the trip. One of my dreams came true, when I also was invited to join a voyage by submarine. That really was exceptional spectacular. I now experienced live, and in person, what I so far only knew from those breathtaking documentaries you sometimes see on television, like those famous programs of Jacques Costeau. I can't describe how special and fascinating it is to see all those colourful tropical fishes swimming around, and all those imposing corals. It really looked like surreal, and it became even more adventurous and fascinating when we passed a real shipwreck on the bottom of the ocean. Again, I'm afraid I can't describe how impressive that view was. I definitely have planned to return to that spot some time again, and to discover more places like that, deep down in any of the oceans all over the world. Maybe one day in the future, when I have to retire as a model, I will settle down on that particular tropical isle where I had these great holidays, and start my own travelling agency over there. I will buy me a submarine - that is, if my lazy manager is able to find me some really well-paid jobs, of course - and I will organize such fairy-tale voyages to the bottom of the ocean myself. Of course you, as highly valued member of this website, will profit: I will offer everyone of you, my dear fans, one trip totally for free. How does that sound? Well, for now it's just daydreaming, but maybe one day...?

Kisses, Veronika

Dec 7, 2003

My dear fans,

Of course my manager always informs me about the serious job offers he gets for me, but he gets a lot more offers than I'm informed about. He just doesn't want to bother me with offers that are not serious, or that are kind of rancid, or abusive. However, sometimes he forwards such an e-mail to me, just to let me know what kind of people he has to deal with. A while ago he for example received an invitation for a gangbang orgy. (For me, not for him, of course.) At first I didn't know if I should laugh or cry over it. Of course it's quite insulting, but maybe I shouldn't really blame people like that, since they maybe don't know more about me than that my name is mentioned by various porn websites on the internet. For those websites it seems to be interesting and profitable to use my name like that, advertising their goods, even though I never have worked in the porn industry. My manager told me he also receives a lot of requests for my supposed escort services. Of course I'm not available for that kind of "work", and it actually would be the last job I would consider to do ever, but we get requests like that regularly. Maybe we also can't blame them, since I understand some impudent, unscrupulous internet escort agencies use my images, in order to present and promote "their girls". Illegally, of course, since they abuse the copyright, but that doesn't really bother them. Of course I can order them to take those pictures down, and I eventually can sue them, when they do not obey (as they obviously never do), but I prefer to spend my precious time and energy on positive matters only. I do mind, actually, but I can live with it, as long as my true fans know I'm not that kind of girl.

Kisses, Veronika

Dec 18, 2003

My dear fans,

I haven't been able to write anything in my diary for a while, since I was travelling again. This time it was for work, as well as for pleasure. I was in London. The work was a photo shoot for the (in)famous Bizarre Magazine. I will tell you more about that project as soon as the edition with my pictures is released, since I (first) then also can post the pictures on my website. The pleasure was doing Christmas shoppings, for which London definitely is the right place to be.

I like to travel, but there's one serious problem I have to deal with: I almost always fall ill, after getting out of an airplane. Sometimes it's right away, and sometimes it's the next day. Because I have been absent for a while, I had planned to make a spectacular attendance today, by a special Christmas live chat. I had been looking forward to that for a long time. But, as you'll understand already, I'll have to pass the opportunity to chat with you tonight, since I'm feeling everything but fine. I don't have any energy, I feel queasy, I've lost my voice, and I do not look like you know me from the pictures. I'm very sorry, the more so as it happened shortly before the chat, which we had announced yesterday already. I even do not have enough energy to give you a kiss now, so I even cannot conclude this diary entry the way I normally do.

Kisses, Veronika

P.S. I'm sure Edita will do a fine job on the chat, and I hope she will not feel alone and abandoned, without me. However, I'm positive a lot of fans will support her, just by joining the chat anyway. I wish Edita good luck, and I wish you a good time with her. Again, I'm very sorry I can't be present myself.

Dec 23, 2003

My dear fans,

Thanks for all your kind Merry Christmas wishes in the fan club, and for your sweet sympathy when I was ill. I'm fine now, just in time, before Christmas. Since I have fans from all over the world, of different races, cultures and religions, I don't consider my website the right platform to discuss religious and cultural matters, since I'm actually only interested in what people have in common, rather than what makes them different. If you are practising religious, and want the celebrate Christmas like that, it's fine with me, as well as it is when you don't believe in anything at all, except for the celebration itself. Maybe I sound rather philosophical now, but I think that should be permitted, once a year, around Christmas time. Anyway, as I already wrote in the e-mail - which you should have received by now, as registered member of our mailing list - I wish all of you Merry Christmas, and a peaceful New Year. May all your wishes get fulfilled, and all your dreams come true.

If we, as website team and members of this website, start to think and act positively only, and wish eachother only the best, maybe the world will become at least a little bit better already. So no abusive messages, and no dirty language in the fan club anymore! At least not during Christmas time, since I think that's pre-eminently the time to reflect, and to respect and experience life (including all the people) as a gift of God, or of whatever you believe in.

This concludes my Christmas sermon of today.

Kisses (and blessings), Veronika

Dec 31, 2003

My dear fans,


Enjoy your New Year's eve like I'll enjoy mine.

Kisses, Veronika

Jan 20, 2004

My dear fans,

I already, in the past, have apologized a couple of times, when I didn't write anything in my diary for a long time, but this time I definitely have to apologize profusely, since this time I really let you down. Not only because I didn't write any diary entry for a while, but also because we haven't updated the website as frequently as before.

Of course you're entitled to get an explanation from me, and I realize I owe you one, so you definitely will get that, soon. I will post that explanation on the website within a couple of days. For now, I don't want to be more specific. I herewith just want to repeat again that I'm very sorry I wasn't really able to take care of the website properly, as I should have.

Kisses, Veronika

Jan 22, 2004

My dear fans,

Some of you asked me many times if I have a boyfriend or husband and I never gave you any answer.

I always wanted keep my private live totally unknown for public. That is what all the glamour models do, but now I have decided to break the rule and discover very big news in my life - I HAVE A HUSBAND.

I am married since November 12th. 2003. My wedding was on the island Mauritius in the Indian ocean on the beach. I did it because I am in love and he is in love with me. That doesn't happen very often in life, so I grabbed the chance!

The second big news is not good at all for you, my fans. I made incredible big decision and that is, that I have decided to quit my glamour-modeling career.

I simply realized the truth about show business, and that I have now a choice between a career or a good relationship. I have chosen to make the man I love feeling happy and comfortable with me. This is why I have chosen to stop modeling.

Do you think this is risky? Stupid?

But thats what love is about. You need to take risks.

Please do not be sad for it and wish me luck.

Are you wondering what will happen with the website? The show will go on.

Love Veronika

Jan 26, 2004

My dear fans,

I cannot thank you enough for the incredible beautiful and considerate messages for my husband and me. I was so surprised! I did not expect that you all would be so supportive. I actually originally even was afraid that you maybe would be kind of angry with me. Thank you so much that you really care for me.

I always received nice compliments from you and I never gave you any in return, so here is one, which I really mean: I think - no, I'm actually convinced - that I have the best and heartiest fans of all the models in the world.

I hope we will stay in touch with each other, even though I'm not working as a glamour model any longer. I definitely want to stay in touch with all of you.

Kisses, Veronika

Jan 30, 2004

My dear fans,

I assume at least some of you are wondering about my plans for the future. Because I will not work as a model any longer I will have a little bit more time for things that I never did catch before since I was traveling a lot because of my work as model. I want to start with learning the English language well, at a very good school, because it is really impossible for me now to write English without making stupid errors in spelling in every second word. (Don't say you think I'm exaggerating, because you do not notice any serious errors here. What you read now is not exactly the same as what I wrote originally. Someone else takes care of corrections before my diary entries are posted!) Also my personal dictionary is very limited, which makes it quite difficult for me to communicate, and correspond properly. I would feel a lot more comfortable when my English would be better, in writing as well as verbally.

Second thing I did not catch yet - which actually is kind of embarrassing - is to get a drivers license. But maybe I should forget about that, since everybody who knows me a little bit actually does not want me to drive, because they think it will be too dangerous - for me, and for others - since I'm the kind of person that is not really good at concentrating. However, we'll see.

I understand some of you also would like to know how Prague is, right now. Well, it looks rather depressing now. It's snowing a lot, all the time. It actually looks very beautiful and romantic for a very short time, but after a while the white dream changes into very ugly dirt.

(Muddy) kisses, Veronika

Feb 12, 2004

My dear fans,

I still owe you the thrilling story 'Escape in New York', starring Muffin. Fortunately, as you know already, it's a story with a happy ending. But it didn't look like that originally. Just imagine: a young mongrel, that lived on the streets of Ibiza, depending on the care and mercy of accidental hotel guests, first starts a new, happy life in Prague, and after a few months he finds himself lost in the Big Apple. For people that already felt sorry for that guy in that movie 'Home Alone', it must be kind of devastating, in emotional respect, to imagine what Muffin had to go through. At least it was for me. Muffin really is like a child to me, and it actually originally looked like I had lost my little baby. However, fortunately that just was for a relatively short time. Judd and his friends searched the big city until very late in the night, but were not successful. The next morning, however, a young student found Muffin somewhere on the street, about six blocks from Judd's apartment. She took care of him, right away. She gave him some food, and showered him - since Muffin's search operation through N.Y. had left him a rather dirty fur - and next she brought him to the local pound for lost and found animals. That reception center contacted the police, and since Judd of course also had consulted the police already, and had reported Muffin's absence, we were informed about the great news very soon, although I first had to wait about an hour before they had ascertained the dog that was found actually was Muffin. (Believe it or not, but it turned out to be not the first time a dog was lost in N.Y.) Of course my husband and I are very grateful to that girl that found Muffin, and took care of him so exceptionally kindly. We gladly expressed our gratitude by a finder's reward. (I don't want to say how much, since that's no one else's business, but let me just explain that girl now for example can subscribe to this website for quite a lot of years.)

On the picture in the news section of this website you see that student that found Muffin, surrounded by Muffin himself, and his new room mate. Unfortunately, Muffin is not as fond of that (male) dog, as he was of Lara. I think that is because Muffin actually just prefers to be together with female companions, rather than male ones. But maybe, after a while, he will get used to this fellow, since I think he may look a little stout and even cocky, but basically his heart also is in the right place.

Anyway, we are relieved and happy now, and I hope Muffin will be happy soon as well, when he gets used to his new life, at the other side of the ocean, and will not look for my husband and me any longer. If anyone of you knows dogs language, please let me know how to translate for Muffin that we already have arranged that he can come over to London in half a year. We - my husband, I, and Lara - miss him very much, like he obviously misses us, and we can't wait to close him in our arms (and Lara's feet) again.

Kisses, and hugs, Veronika

Feb 26, 2004

My dear fans,

This is the first time I write something in my diary from my new home country, England. I left Prague a week ago, together with my husband, and Lara. (Muffin, as you know, first will come over to us in half a year. He's with Judd in New York City now. Fortunately he seems to be fine now, and he is getting used to, and even enjoying the American way of life.) We first drove from Prague to the Netherlands, where we visited my former manager, in Amsterdam. That was quite an exhausting trip, through Germany. We left early in the morning, and arrived late in the evening. We stayed in Amsterdam for another day, where we were guided through the city by PJ, and drove on to the harbour of Hoek van Holland, the next day, where the gigantic catamaran of Stena Line was waiting for us, to take us, and our car, away from the European continent, to transfer us to Great Britain.

It actually was quite nice on the ferry. The crossing took about three and a half hours, but we didn't get bored at all. We enjoyed a nice dinner, and we watched a nice movie, 'Cold Mountain'. We arrived late at our hotel, since we got trapped in traffic, but ultimately the crossing from the Czech Republic to England was rather comfortable after all. Now I'm trying to get used living over here. It actually is not very hard, since I'm too busy to bother about anything. I'm studying English language at a renowned school, every day of the week (except for the weekends, of course). Soon I will not need the help of my diary corrector any longer. You will find out soon enough when I have fired him. Anyway, my life has changed quite a bit, and you'll be the first to find out about it, when you continue to read my diary in the future.

(British) kisses, Veronika

Mar 7, 2004

My dear fans,

I'm still very busy. I feel like fifteen years younger, since I have to school again, every day. Of course that brings back memories, the more so as almost all other students there are younger than I am. They are from all over the world: Japan, Spain, Russia... They all are very nice, and eager to learn the English language, like I. We get along with eachother very well.

I even will start with another study soon, since I can use some help on finding out how my new laptop operates. The operation system of the one I have now, and which will be replaced by the new one I got from my husband, as a present, is Windows. My new laptop however is a Mac, so I understand I have to learn everything from scratch again. Besides going to school, I'm occupied with buying new clothes and other things I need. FedEx had announced to deliver the suit-case with my favourite clothing and other things within one day, but instead I'm still waiting for it after two weeks. Probably they have lost it, so I'm afraid I also have to start to put together a new wardrobe of favourite clothes from scratch.

Kisses, Veronika

Mar 16, 2004

My dear fans,

I already wrote a couple of things about the two courses I'm taking, at the moment. The English language I'm studying for a while already, and last week I also started to take lessons from a school that provides computer courses, because of my new Mac laptop. But since I realize one never is too old to learn something, I've decided to take another course yet as well. Something completely different. I now did get a couple of belly dancing classes.

I really love that kind of exercise, even though it sometimes is quite frustrating, because it really is incredibly difficult. This particular dance is requiring, and pushing the unexperienced dancer to move muscles that she never before has used, or had to use. When you're belly dancing you're moving each part of the body in different ways, and of course it is difficult to co-ordinate the whole body like that. I think it is a great way of keeping myself in good shape, and it is good for the mental condition as well, because the body and brain obviously are in touch with eachother. Also, this particular dance basically is about co-ordinating the right and left part of the body that helps to co-ordinate the right and left part of the brain at the same time. I'm not sure how long I will be able and motivated to go on with trying to master this difficult dance, and if I eventually really will learn it. So please wish me the power and strength I need.

Kisses, Veronika

April 7, 2004

My dear fans,

I have been quite busy lately. However, most things I was working on are too private to post here, or not interesting enough to put in my diary anyway. Of course I can write about my belly dancing lessons again, but since I already did, I think it wouldn't make a lot of sense to bother you with that once again. I actually only had one more lesson, after I wrote about it in the diary last time.

Last week I had to entertain my former manager, who had been coming over to see me. Actually it was not really only entertainment I had to take care of. He actually mainly was here to discuss some new projects for the website. We're working out our plans and ideas now, and I hope soon we can present you the result of our daily brain-storm sessions, and the various arrangements we'll have to make. I'm positive you'll like it, and I'm looking forward to explain about those projects soon.

I unfortunately can't be more specific about those new initiatives now, but I can announce and guarantee already it will not be something like that movie 'The Passion Of The Christ'. Most of you probably will have seen that film already. I watched it in the weekend. That is, I just was able to watch it for about half an hour. I could not bear it for a longer time. I'm afraid I'm too sensitive a person for movies like that, especially when they are that realistic. I even couldn't help starting to cry, and getting really very emotional. When you're also a sensitive person, and when you also have seen that movie, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about now. And if you're not sensitive, or if you haven't seen that movie yet, you likely will not understand what I'm talking about at all, so I will not bother you with details. I just think I should warn my sensitive fans - who maybe expect to have a good time, when they are going to see that movie, anytime in the future - that it is likely too much for them as well.

Consider this my free of charge movie review, as special service to all my fans. If you appreciate that, let me know, and I will consider to introduce my personal movie review section on my website soon as well.

Kisses, Veronika

April 29, 2004

My dear fans,

In my last diary entry I wrote something about that controversial movie 'The Passion Of The Christ', and almost at the same time we posted a part of another, totally different kind of movie, 'The Ball'. I now want to continue talking about movies, and since I think everything possible is said about that 'The Passion...' already, let's talk about that other movie, 'The Ball'. I actually wanted to wait until that film has been released theatrically, or is available on video or DVD, but I haven't heard anything about it for a very long time, so I think I shouldn't wait any longer.

'The Ball' is a Czech production. All actors, and actresses are Czech, but the language of the film is English. Maybe that's not a good idea, since I think the use of the English language doesn't really combine with the typical Czech background (locations) and the particular atmosphere of the movie, but I guess it was just necessary because of commercial reasons.

I actually first was asked by that production company to star in another movie, entitled 'The Driver'. They not only asked me, but other well-known Czech models, including Monika Hajkova, for that production as well. I unfortunately wasn't able to accept their offer for that movie, at the time, but later on, when it was shot and released, they showed that to me, and I liked it. Therefore I was seriously interested to consider to play one of the leading roles in the next movie they were going to produce, which was 'The Ball'. What I particularly like about it is the lighting, and the particular style of cinematography of it. It probably will be too technical, when I explain in detail what I mean, but let me just tell you there were a few things about this project, which I just liked very much, and which ultimately made me want and decide to star in it, the more so as I thought it would be a good, cautious start of my career as an actress, since I more or less had to play someone that looks like me very much. It wasn't really a very difficult role to play, but I considered it hard enough already to act naturally. The next time I gladly want to find out if I can do other, more challenging things, like emotional scenes, as well, and if I have the particular talent real comedians have. Some film makers I meanwhile got in touch with, already told me they think I'm talented, so I'm looking forward to future opportunities. Soon another interesting film project I'm involved in, will be released. I actually do not play a role in it, but still it can be considered related to me. It even uses my name, in the title. Are you curious already? You'll read everything about it soon enough. Right here.

Kisses, Veronika

May 11, 2004

My dear fans,

Today, for a chance, the diary entry is about what actually happened today, since it's kind of special. As you maybe remember, I once told you one of my future plans was to get my driving license as soon as possible. Well, today's the day. After less than 15 lessons, I managed to get it, in one time only. I'm very proud of myself, but I already found out, at the beginning, I'm actually quite good at it, so I didn't really doubt I was going to pass the driving-test. But even when you're very self-confident, you're a little nervous and tense, when you actually have to prove you can do it. My examinator only needed about 10 minutes to find out it's ok to send me out on the street, in a car. (Or maybe I was everything but good at all, and he just wanted to get out of the car as quickly as possible? And he didn't dare to tell me I had failed the exam, after the special treatment he had gotten from me. Just kidding, now!)

Anyway, at last I can drive a car now, and I'm qualified to. I actually look forward to drive in my own car, soon, since I kind of like it. I'm even thinking of making it my profession, since I understand the F1 competition might need me, since Michael Schuhmacher doesn't have serious opponents at the moment anyway.

Kisses, Veronika

May 24, 2004

My dear fans,

At last we're able to sell my DVDs and videos through this website. I'm very sorry it didn't work out before, when we announced it, long ago. We were dealing with a lot problems, and opposition. For example, when you want to sell something, whether or not it's by means of the internet, you need an official license. And it turned out to be very difficult to get such a license, here. Since it's my website, it has to be on my name, obviously, but it also should be related to a registrated company. Anyway, I will not bother you will all those troubles in detail. I only want to mention it, once, since I want to explain, and apologize for the lack of service, so far.

We now work together with a company that takes care of everything. I understand they are very experienced, and I was told they are reliable, so I'm positive they will do a good job on this.

Because of the system we now have chosen for, we unfortunately can't offer all DVDs and videos with my autograph on the box cover. At least not now. We're trying to work something out. However, if you like to get it signed, by me, let us know, and we will order the DVD or video first, on behalf of you. I then will put my signature on it, and we next will forward the item to you. If you want it like this, just send the request to: manager@veronika-zemanova.com. Because of the additional costs we'll have to make ourselves, it will be more expensive, but since the purchased item will be revalued that way, I assume the buyer will consider it worthwhile anyway.

We also work on a system to make the price of the DVDs and videos cheaper for our members. I understand my team is working on that right now.

Anyway, I'm glad at last we can offer you this service a lot of you apparently were looking for already. I will write something about all those DVDs in the near future, in this diary, but you of course also can write something about it yourself, in the fan club, or forum. I obviously would like to know which DVD you like the best, and why. We later on will sell the other DVDs I featured in, as soon as they are available to us. I will inform you about that soon enough. For now, I hope you'll enjoy the DVDs and videos that are available already.

Kisses, Veronika

June 11, 2004

My dear fans,

I think I'm becoming a real globe-trotter, since after living in England, and being back in Prague for a while, I'm living in Spain for a couple of weeks already. In the place I'm staying now, it's really great to enjoy the nature, which I'm actually doing right now, with an old friend, from overseas. Originally he's from the same country we're staying now, but he meanwhile became a real city dweller after spending more than four months in N.Y.C. As you probably guessed already, I'm talking about Muffin now. He's back with me, which makes me very happy, since I really missed him so much, all the time. Besides having a good time here, I also had to experience the dark side of the real world, when my husband and I visited an old woman, who's almost blind, but still spending all of her time and energy on taking care of uncared, and abused animals. A lot of people here - and everywhere, I guess - enjoy the company of young, healthy animals, but when those animals are old, and invalid, they just neglect them completely, and abandon them to their fate, which obviously isn't pleasant. Unless, of course, they are lucky, and find such a wonderful person to take care of them. I think people like that deserve all of our gratitude and respect, the more so as they do that voluntarily, without being paid for that. They even have to spend their own money on that, apart from gifts from other animal lovers, and benefactors.

I was there, at that primitive resort, a long time, spending some quality time with all the horses, separately. (Now I'm thinking about that: what I was doing over there actually can be considered kind of the opposite of the work of horse whisperers.)

That old woman also looks after abandoned cats, and one donkey, but I also have visited an animal shelter where only dogs are allowed. The owner of that pound gets them from other shelters, where they will have to be killed, when they aren't collected by anyone within 20 days. Believe it or not, but that dogs' home owner even has to pay for getting those pitiful dogs out of their reception centres. Of course it's the idea to find caring new owners for the dogs, but that's not easy. At the moment more than seventy cute dogs still are waiting for a new home.

I better finish this diary entry before getting too emotional, and sentimental. I just needed to give vent to my feelings about these terrible abuses, and about some extraordinary people that consecrate their precious time and life to fighting such brutality.

Kisses, Veronika & Muffin.

July 2, 2004

My dear fans,

I have travelled a lot, lately. I was back in Prague for a while again, but now I'm going to stay in Spain again for a longer period of time. The weather is great, so I'm enjoying the swimming-pool, which belongs to the house we just moved in, a lot. Lara and Muffin also are doing well, in as well as outside of that swimming-pool. I'm glad that finally I was able to pick up the driving license document, in Prague, last week. It took quite a while before it was available, because of the usual bureaucratic procedures, but soon I will be using it, for a new car I still have to buy. Although I had my driving lessons in a car with a manual gear-box, I definitely want to buy a car with an automatic gear system, since I consider steering, and paying attention to all the traffic, while driving, difficult and laborious enough already. At least for now, as an unexperienced driver. The more so as I found out the cars with a non-automatic gear-box here are totally different than the car that was used for my driving lessons. As you'll understand I don't want to risk to shift gear to reverse, while driving over 100 km p/h. I have planned to pay some attention to the European Championship of football (soccer) teams soon, since that tournament is nearing the finals.

And I herewith also want to announce already that next week we're going to start with a new project that we consider very interesting for all of you that are interested in pretty new faces (and bodies). You'll find out more about that soon enough.

Kisses, Veronika

July 15, 2004

My dear fans,

I have some good news, and some bad news. Let's start with the bad news. That special project I announced a while ago unfortunately had to be postponed, because of some technical problems. However, I understand they have been solved now, so I assume we will start with it soon. I'm very sorry for the delay. Thanks for your patience. Other bad news is that I again had to find out there still are people that treat their pets in a very bad, brutal way. Every day I pass a house where a dog is lying in front of the building. The sad thing is that he's always chained. I understand that's been the case for over ten years already. Can you believe that? My husband and I tried to find out why, but the owner was not willing to discuss that with us. He even wasn't willing to consider to sell that dog to us (so we can hand him over to someone who really cares).

More bad personal news is that my "new" car still isn't available, so I still can't practise my driving skills. Don't ask me what exactly is wrong with it - and don't ask the mechanics of that service station, since they apparently don't know more about it than I do - but that car just refuses to drive. Is anyone of you an expert on Mercedes?

Time for some good news now: Muffin finally has nice, clean, white teeth. We brought him to a specialised hospital for animals, where the veterinary surgeons e.g. took care of removing scale. From now on Muffin not only has a sweet and happy smile, but a sweet- smelling one as well. In order to keep it like that, I have to brush his teeth every day, which actually is quite a funny view. The special dog's tooth-brush I'll have to use for that actually looks very much alike the ones we, people, use. Probably you now are wondering if I ever, by mistake, have used the wrong tooth-brush, but don't worry... I have not placed it near to my stuff in the bath-room, but at the opposite side of the room, where my husband stores his things.

The concluding message of this diary entry may be good, and may be bad. I first will know that later on, after we have returned from the casino, which we will visit tonight. If I'm lucky, I will be rich soon, but if I'm not, I may gamble away all of your payments, for subscribing to this website. So: wish me luck!

Kisses, Veronika

Aug 10, 2004

My dear fans,

Finally that special project, that we already had announced a couple of times, and which we unfortunately had to postpone for a while, is online now. You now can vote for the model you want to see more of. I understand a lot of you have casted their vote already. I personally do not have a favourite, since I think all these four girls are gorgeous, and I also have no idea who will win. I'll leave it up to your good judgement, and taste. If you haven't voted yet, I suggest you do that now, before it's too late.

The problems with my car fortunately are solved now. It drives smoothly, and it doesn't let me know anymore, so finally I'm a happy driver.

And since you probably, like always, expect another anecdote about my dogs, I herewith want to inform you that I'm the proud owner of another dog now. Almost the same way as Muffin came into my life, another stray dog, that was abandoned, settled in, into my house, and into my life. First it just looked like a friendly visit, but she never wanted to leave anymore. So now our house is full of playful dogs.

However, the story of today is about another kind of animal. A parrot, actually, named Pepe. (Yes, it's him on the picture.) He came into my life, and house, about a week ago. Not in my house, but on the roof, actually. My neighbours spotted him there, taking a rest after a long flight. Since we originally had no idea what to do, we put him in a cage, to avoid that he would get himself in even more trouble. He definitely didn't like it in the cage, but we had no choice. We were sitting near the cage for a long time, since we hoped he would tell us where he was coming from, but at first he didn't speak at all. When he however got a little more acquainted with us, and the situation, he gave away one word: 'Pepe'. We figured out quite soon that Pepe would be his name. The funny thing is that this is the only word he actually can say, but he pronounce it in various different ways: stout, like a man, friendly and melodious, like a woman, and sweet, like a child.

Fortunately, a few days later, my husband and I saw an annoumcement in the local store, of someone who was looking for his parrot that had escaped. We called that guy right away, and indeed it turned out to be Pepe he was looking for. Of course he came over right away, and the reunion really was heart-rending. He told us Pepe had lived with him, and his family, from the moment he - the parrot - was born. Pepe never was kept in a cage, for decades already, so that explained his obvious restlessnes while staying with us. The owner explained Pepe always was at home, flying around, but one day they had taken him with them elsewhere, to work, and apparently Pepe got disorientated over there, and got lost.

You'll understand I'm so glad this story has a happy ending, since that parrot really is so cute.

Sweet kisses from Veronika, wet kisses from Lenka (the new dog), and prickly kisses from Pepe (but be careful, since as you'll have noticed his beak is really sharp!).

Sept 15, 2004

My dear fans,

I just had a look at my fan club, and I feel a little ashamed now, since Frodo is totally right I should have written something in my diary by now. I indeed have been very busy, lately, but of course I could and should have taken some time to write something, here. Therefore I will do it right away:

Frodo wants to know what I think of the outcome of the 'favourite model' contest. I will tell you: of course I think Linda is very pretty, and I can imagine a lot of you decided to vote for her, but to be honest, I really thought Peach was going to win. She actually was my first choice after all, and I was kind of sure she would be the first choice of most of you. However, as I said already, Linda is really gorgeous, and I think she will become even more popular when we have posted a video of her on the website, which we will do soon. As appetizer we however will post Peach's video first. So there's enough to look forward to I think, the more so as we also are going to post great material of Lenka. I'm not talking about my new dog now, but about another new model, who will be featured on this website soon.

I once already wrote some personal ideas and impressions about movies. Now I want to share another experience with you, since I enjoyed Steven Spielberg's 'THE TERMINAL' very much. Not only because I think it's a great, funny story, and because Tom Hanks is a great actor, with a lot of humour, but also because it's about something I kind of experience myself, when I'm on American airports, as a visitor from Eastern-Europe. Of course in my case it is not that bad, and extreme, but I definitely have an idea how that guy must have felt.

I herewith want to recommend that movie to you, the more so as it's not just another funny movie. It also has something special, I think. What exactly that is, is hard to explain, but I guess you should find that out yourself anyway. (I think Steven Spielberg didn't plan to have his movie explained by a model from the Czech Republic after all.)

Kisses, Veronika

P.S. One of my favourite models, Dora, has her birthday today. I herewith want to congratulate her, and I want to wish her best of luck in her life, and career.

Oct 6, 2004

My dear fans,

Two rather embarrassing stories this time. One is annoying, and the other is quite funny (for you; not for me).

First the annoying one: someone has misused my credit card, and stole money from my bank account. Since I'm insured I may expect to get my money back, but still it's very frustrating to experience such a criminal act. I'm always very careful, but things like that you just can't avoid. The only thing I can do is to try to be even more careful in the future.

The other embarrassment I herewith, reluctantly, want to bring up is related to an invitation my husband and I got from some people we're acquainted with. It was for a party in a club, on September 30, and they told us it was a Halloween party, so we would have to dress accordingly. And so we did. My husband bought a special, showy police uniform, like the cops in New York wear, and I assembled some pieces of extravagant clothing that's even too weird to describe. We first were very stout and excited when we entered that club, but our mood changed rapidly, when we noticed, right away, the other guests didn't look extravagant, or even just a little funny at all. We didn't need a lot of time to figure out that the people who had invited us likely would have mixed up the months October, and September. Fortunately, for them, they had found out about their mistake betimes, but they hadn't thought of informing us as well. Most of the evening we spent on explaining about the silly mistake, although we also met with some party goers that actually also looked quite weird themselves, and therefore also were everything but surprised about our outfit. I understand that club is popular to eccentric people as well, so it's not really that big a deal to attract attention by strange clothes and make-up, but nevertheless we felt rather embarrassed anyway.

I can guarantee one thing: next time I'm invited for some kind of annual celebration or special event, I first check the calendar.

Kisses, Veronika

P.S. Since my dress is too weird to describe, I will show it to you instead. I will post a picture of me, wearing that dress, soon.

Nov 9, 2004

My dear fans,

It's quite a while ago I wrote something, here, since I just was awaiting something special and exciting to happen, and to inform you about, next. But as you likely will have experienced yourself as well, when you're waiting for something special to happen, it doesn't. Instead I'm spending my time on travelling between my two residences, in Prague, and in Spain. Of course I'm still doing some things that may be interesting enough to talk about, but I already wrote a couple of times about those topics. For example, I'm still occupied with helping abused, helpless dogs to get a better life. When you're a regular visitor of my diary you will not be surprised to hear I meanwhile have added yet another dog to the pack. So now I have four. The latest asset really was a poignant case. This creature, that merely was skin and bone, was covered with thousands of thicks, had wounds and bald spots all over his body, and was kind of psychopathic. After a vet had taken care of him, we were able to help his exceptional sweet dog to get used to a normal dog's life he never had before, but that we fortunately can offer him. It's great to see him change from the pitiful, shy creature he was in the beginning, after a really miserable life, into the happy, playful dog he's now.

However, I will have to leave him for a while now, since my husband and I are going to celebrate the first year of our marriage. And what would be a better place to celebrate that than the spot where we got married after all: the isle of Mauritius.

As soon as we have returned from that repeated honeymoon, I have planned to work with a brilliant photographer on some new sets of sexy pictures. I will tell you more about that project next time.

Kisses, Veronika

Jan 2, 2005

My dear fans,

First of all, to all of you who missed the message I had posted on the website already: I wish all of you a very happy New Year, also on behalf of the entire website team. I have been travelling a lot, lately, so I wasn't able to write in my diary regularly. As you know, when you're a regular visitor here, I spent a few weeks on Mauritius again, to repeat my honeymoon. It was very nice, again. Like the first time, I enjoyed a flight with a helicopter, but unlike the first time, I didn't have a look at the corals, flora, and fauna on the bottom of the sea by means of a small submarine, but I just enjoyed some simple snorkel instead. I actually had liked that voyage by a submarine at the time a lot, but I had felt a little dizzy afterwards, probably because of lack of oxygen, and the rapid change of pressure. (That seems to be a rather common side-effect.) Instead my husband and I experienced something that had quite the opposite effect on us. We did a course of yoga, by some expert yogi, from India. That really was great.

At the moment I'm back to normal life, and back to business. Together with one of the members, who's very artistic, I'm working on a new, spectacular design for the website. I don't know when it will be ready, but I'm sure you eventually will like it a lot. At least I do.

Kisses, Veronika

March 15, 2005

My dear fans,

My most spectacular adventure this year, so far, was my holiday in Cape Town (in South-Africa). I really have fallen in love with that city, and with the people that live there. Cape Town was also the starting point of a trip to a small safari camp, in the jungle, in the centre of the country.

I have seen a lot of African animals, as they are living freely in that wilderness. That really was a marvellous experience. We were driving through that huge park, in a jeep, since the animals are used to that kind of car, and therefore were not afraid of us. I think that's important, since we obviously didn't want to bother them too much.

I understand the money visitors, like me, spend on visiting those national parks, actually is used for securing a safe future for all those rather rare animals. If those protected areas in Africa wouldn't exist, probably none of those animals would have survived.

Of course I can talk about my trip in detail, and describe the various animals, and the wilderness, but I think I better show it to you by some pictures I've shot during that trip. I hope that way you'll get an idea how exciting, and impressive that journey was. You can find that 'jungle gallery' here.



April 2005

Dear Members,

There are some big changes happening here at Veronika-Zemanova.com, and I wanted to let you all know as soon as I could, which moment is now. I have decided to move away from doing any more modeling and photographing for personal reasons.

We - the website team and I - realize that this will temporarily influence the amount as of new material featured on my website. Now, my staff and I are working very hard on finding new and even more beautiful Czech and foreign models to appear on v-z.com, contacting photographers and production companies.

This does not mean that there will not be any more material of mine added to the site, only that what does appear will be previously unpublished photos and videos , as well as comments, interviews, etc. I will still be involved with the site, monitoring the quality, and trying to think of ways to improve or upgrade it. My staff and me will continue doing the very best that we can to make v-z.com the best possible site for its members and for all people involved.

I apologize for current decrease in amount of newly added features and some other possible changes on my website and I hope you will not loose faith in this project as we hope that we will be able to keep its quality. I will keep you informed about all developments as well about all important news relating to the future of veronika-zemanova.com.

I hope you will all give me support in making this difficult transition and, as always, I wish you all the very, very best.

Love Veronika

Sept. 23, 2005

My dear fans,

If it seems I've been away from blogging a while, then you'll all realize why when you see the new site. I would absolutely love to get some feedback from my friends and fans out there, so be sure to let me know what you think.

It's been a longer road than I ever would have thought. You know, redesign a site---how hard can it be, right? Now that I've "been there and done that", I can tell you that it's much like loosening the stitches to redesign a knitted sweater. All of a sudden everything is in your lap and it's impossible to pull one thread without affecting every other. A simple look at this, led to that and considering that meant we had to redo this over here, which of course was connected to that over there and on it went.

But it's been fun in its own way and has probably allowed me to see my site for almost the first time as others see it. You know, when a site evolves over time, it's sort of like watching a child grow. The day-to-day changes are impossible to see, but one day a favorite aunt shows up and hardly recognizes the kid. I've had my "favorite aunt" experience and it was an eye-opener. I hadn't really understood how much the site had on it and how, in some cases, it wasn't all that well organized.

Who me? Not well organized? Could it be?

But I got to work with a new web designer, a new hosting service and a whole new outlook. Lots of choices to be made, every one of them another tug at the sweater. Some of the changes I really like are the small, and soon to be larger, section on how various artists have used my image. I also organized the more than 13,000 photos according to various themes so that users who particularly like to see girls "tanning naked" or "girls kissing" can find galleries related to those subjects.

I like the site really well. For the first time it really has more of "me" in the design as well as the content. I'm hoping all of you will like the changes as well. Please write to me and let me know what works for you and what perhaps could be done differently. Not to say I'm ready to go through this whole thing again, but a small tweak here and a little change there is always possible. We have our own ideas for more changes yet to come. Let us hear yours. Use the link webmaster@veronika-zemanova.com.

Kisses, Veronika

Feb. 1, 2006

My dear fans,


I see that we have some discussion going on in the Fan Forum and it is about my breasts or "tits" - however you want to call them.

First of all, I would like to reply to some opinions which have appeared a few times in there; to paraphrase:

"Why did I change my breasts if my natural ones were so beautiful" and "Now I have them too big and too fake"

I altered the profile of my own breasts by constantly trying to change my body shape as part of a very hard exercise regime. Why did I do this to myself? Because there was always some man, an agent or photographer, who criticized something about my look - my hips being too big or my breasts being too big and hanging or some such other nonsense - and because of a lack of self confidence I felt very badly affected by their comments.

Now I understand that those guys did that, just because they did not have enough confidence themselves and so they needed to criticize me to exert an authority and show some kind of controlling power so that they could judge me.

There was nobody who explained to me that I am good enough just the way that I am and to give a genuine compliment to say that they find all of me beautiful.

So, I was exercising far too hard because I wanted to change the way I looked completely. I was in the gym every day for a few hours with a crazy trainer who was one of those guys who wanted me to change my appearance.

He fed me all kinds of pills to make that change quicker.

After a while, under this terrible strain my body revolted, and I was very sick for a few months. Then, to compound that misery, my heart was broken when I ended a mistaken relationship with one man. I stopped eating. I became dangerously underweight and along with the rest of my body, lost weight in my breasts completely. As a model I did not want to show myself anymore in such a state, but I needed to earn a living. It was then that I decided to try implants.

That's all I want to say. I am not going to answer any more questions about my breasts.

Oh yes - There was one more question in the forum - 'What is the size?! It must be something crazy!!' - It is a mind blowing 32FF.

So here is the simple answer to that guy who is criticizing my fake breasts and asking why I changed them: "I did that because I had around me a few men just like you and I was taking some notice of what they had to say about me."

I like the way my breasts are now. They do not look as big when I am dressed as they do when I am naked. My husband loves them and I guess some of my fans do, otherwise I would not have so many members on the website!

I promise my next blog will be about something more interesting!



May 1, 2006

My dear fans,

Today it is the first of May and I was thinking about my childhood.

Each first of May that I remember back then seemed to be always sunny and bright in what was then Czechoslovakia, but in recent years this day in the year is often cloudy or rainy. I wonder if the climate is really changing in our lives?

Anyway, I remember the first of May as a six year-old and it was a lot of fun. Why? Because that day was a holiday to honour the working man just like in many other countries. However, being just six, I was only aware of the fun and celebration that was going on rather than any politics or propaganda that the authorities put into the festivities.

Although my parents did not want me to take a part in it, and they certainly were opposed to the occupation, the authorities said that everyone MUST GO, and also my friends of the same age were all going and so I did manage to persuade my parents to let me go to the parade.

Now, in Czechoslovakia at that time, there was a similar movement to the "brownies", but completely with the USSR / communist ideology. We were called "pioneers" and the best part to me at six, was the cute uniform we got to wear, a little light blue shirt with a red scarf and a special tie, and also a little dark blue miniskirt!

There was no real news available about the West, and the culture of fashion and music and art was mostly kept from us. Of course, they tried to persuade us that everybody in the West was thoroughly wicked and that Ronald Reagan was going to drop the bomb on us all!

A darker side of this occupation was when we all had to conform to a drill in case of Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD). Just like a mirror of the precautions taken in the USA (duck-and-cover and so on), we too had to practice wearing a gas mask and also wearing plastic all over to protect from nuclear attack! We also had to pack a bag of food and supplies.

At the mayday parade we had to wave our little flags and chant the song that "forever and ever we must be the friends of the USSR". But in this background we little ones went there only to have great fun, laugh, and enjoy a rare street party with our friends on a sunny day out.


July 26, 2006

My Asia,

I love to read messages like Angie's and yours and I am very happy to have you both here . you are so sweet!!! I was hoping for somebody from that huge number of people which comes to this website every day would show some interest in CAFT and you and Angie are the only ones. That is sad but it does not surprise me because I can see - since I am involved in some charity works- that it is mostly woman who care. I guess we just have more feeling and sympathy for the ones who suffer.

Now I am about to loose 99.9% of my members.. Of course there are also men who care! God thanks! Without men's strength things would not move. By the way you and all HOOTERS girls have my respect for the hard work you do.

Love Veronika

Aug. 1, 2006

My dear fans,

Decadence - These shots had been taken a long time before I became a model.

This is how it happened:

I was working as a saleswoman in a store selling wallpapers. It was a very boring job and very badly paid but it was the only job I could find at that time in Prague.

I took that job to make some money while trying to develop my career by studying photography. I had been earning some money as a photographer until all of my photo equipment was stolen.

One day a guy came to the wallpaper store, introducing himself as a publisher of a soft erotic magazine and photographer.

He made me an offer where I was supposed to work in his office and also as an assistant of photography and makeup artist. I took up the offer but soon reality set in. The magazine survived only for two issues and went bankrupt. He knew all along there was not really any work for me - he hired me to feel like a boss that is seducing his secretary. He hired me basically for sex.

BUT his ideas did not work out the way he planned it. I never gave him a chance. Because he did not really have much money left for photo productions, there was only occasional work for me with the models as a makeup artist. Because there was not much work for me and because he could not use me for his personal pleasure (by the way he was a married man), I ended up with cleaning windows in his apartment, shopping for food, cleaning the office and stuff like that.

Ok he could not have me - that was clear BUT maybe he could at least see me naked ... ?!

He was successful in that! He asked me time and time again and pushed me again and again to pose for him until I agreed. HOWEVER, I said I would only do it under one condition and that was that he would not sell it and would not even show it to anybody. He said in that case he could not pay me and said that I must do it for nothing because of my condition; that I do not want anybody ever to see it. He promised me what I asked for.

A few years later when I became a famous glamour model, he put all the photographs on a CD and distributed it all over the country in CD and bookstores. Of course he did not offer me any financial participation, he did not even bother to inform me about it. That was the first of many, many other breeched promises and exploitation I had to deal with in my whole modeling career. All men who had been around me wanted at least two things from me - sex, money or both.



Nov. 15, 2006

My dear friends,

I am sorry again that it took me so long to write here.

I received lots of emails from you guys, congratulating me for the third anniversary of my marriage. Thank you so much for remembering that date! I was so impressed by that because my memory for important dates is not so good. But so far I did not forget that one.

My husband is very funny when my birthday comes round - he does not forget completely, he just does not remember it perfectly, so each year it is on a different date that he wants to congratulate me.

I do not blame him I just think it is very funny. At least he remembers the month! We had a very romantic anniversary in Paris in Hotel Costes for three days.

I would like to make some remarks here about the few things that I tried to make better on this website. I am going through my older photo sets in the last few months, improving the quality by increasing the resolution of the images.

I must say that it is very hard work for me because after all those years of working on the website I am really sick of looking at myself. This work continues and many of mine and other models photo sets are in much better quality now, so "watch this space".

I added a few more models and there are more fresh models coming! Most of them are from the Czech Republic as you can see from their cute faces and sexy bodies.

Ok, that is work, which is fun for me :

I would really appreciate if you would write me, which of the models you like, so that I can look for more material of the ones you like the most.

Christmas is coming in a month so I want to wish you all that you do not fall into that crazy hunting for presents and food and obsessive cleaning of the houses and apartments. Because when the holidays come, you will all be exhausted and nervous wrecks and you may not be as nice to each other as you could be if you would just chill out.

I know it is hard because Christmas shopping is a very competitive sport. I say to myself every year I am not going to do this to myself and I always end up running like crazy from one shop to other, all sweaty, struggling through the herds of people and literally fighting for the last leftovers in the shops.

Ok this year I will buy hardly anything! Christmas is not about quantity of presents!!! Let's see...!?

Love Veronika

Dec 8, 2006

Dear Big fan of mine,

I am sorry for the bad retouching on some of my sets - I do agree that is very bad sometimes. I do paint myself so I think that I could do definitely better job myself. I just think it would be very unhealthy for me to spend hours on my own photos. However I need to explain to you that most of the photo sets I got from the photographers already retouched and there is nothing I can do about that. The set you talk about is from the world famous photographer Stephen Hicks. You may want to write him and complain to him directly!?

Dec 14, 2006

It is nice to here from you. To Tallblond: My boy is back! very happy that you had a great summer and that everything is going the way you like. I had a great summer too - a lots of swimming in the sea, running with dogs on the beach, hot nights in romantic restaurants eating a lots of olives and drinking vine... I also started to paint this summer and I just loved it! Ok I will ask Bob to make some new photos of me... He is normally not allowed to because I have an aversion against camera in my private live. It is because I just hate to see myself on these kind of pictures. I am so sorry but I must have overlooked your email with the photos. Please take my apology.

Dec 14, 2006

Dear Frodo,

Thanks for giving me your view about my new models. I am happy to here that you like them. Watch Sunday coming soon - I am adding Jelena Jensen to my collection and she is really hot, hot, hot!!!

October 2, 2007

My dear fans,

Many of you have tried to convince me to take part in a modelling shoot again (after a very long break). So I did!

I decided to work with Scotty JX for Actiongirls because for me, that is fun! But it is also very, very hard work, because I requested to make videos, mainly. To shoot a video for a nine-hour day is much more exhausting than to pose for stills.

Good news for you guys - all the videos and sets I made will be on Veronika-Zemanova.com in the near future.

For starters, I am presenting you with just a little tease of behind-the-scenes pictures.



Dec 9, 2007

My dear fans,

I just want to send you "hello" from my holiday in the island Mauritius.

I am here with my husband celebrating my wedding anniversary (November 12th 2003) and we are having a wonderful time.

It is so hard to believe how the time runs - WOW - four years since my wedding!

The island is gorgeous and I fulfilled my long-time dream here - to swim with the dolphins in the free ocean.

Professional divers brought us to the place where the dolphins usually play during that time of the day. I was diving a little and saw about fifty of them playing down there in the deep blue water.

Like in a dream, these incredibly beautiful creatures were holding each other and sweetly kissing and dancing!!! But after a conversation with the guys who were organising the dive, I decided that I would not do it again because I learned that it was not only us two who came to swim, but also many other tourists who wanted to do the same.

A crowd would put the dolphins under stress, because of all of the boats and the noise, since not all of the boats respect their activities and kind of chase them around.

Just one more thing - new videos of mine are coming very soon, starting sometime in December so please do not miss it!



Feb 2008

Hi everybody

I just want to thank you for the compliments about my new video. It is not the usual type of commercial "strip down the clothes and touch yourself" thing. I just could not do the same thing anymore and I wanted to make something different, so at least I hope I achieved that goal, didn't I?

I must say that the major part of its success belongs to Scotty JX because, as well as being a great director, he does that interesting gritty punk style of editing. There are at least two more videos on their way and those are not the action girl kind. In these, I am not angry anymore - I killed all the bad guys and I am sweet and sad again, waiting for YOU to come and RESCUE ME !!!

For those of you who complained that I do not write much, there is the new interview in ALL ABOUT VERONIKA section called INTERVIEWS. Oh, and I want to let you know that I am working on a complete overhaul of the E-shop; there will be my signed photos available and maybe posters and calendar, so whoever is interested to buy any of those materials, please email me and I will let you know when it is ready for you.

One more thing, I would like to have your opinion on this - many of you are writing to say that there are photo sets and videos of me in low quality. This is because they are very old and at the time of many of the shoots, there was not the technology and ease to make such high resolution pictures like they do these days; many of my sets are also just scans from the magazines because that was all I could get ... but of course, more recent sets and videos are the highest quality available for you. So, I have two choices:

  1. Take down all that bad quality stuff and leave just the newer things.
  2. Leave all on the website because many of you would rather see those earlier sets in poor resolution than not at all.

My intention is to keep as full a collection of my stuff as I could publish and I was hoping that you would realize that the sets come from many different years through the recent development of the www. So what do you think?



March 8, 2008

Hello everybody

I just want to bring you some good news. I am renewing some of the original photosets of me and slowly but surely, most of them will be in very high resolution.

Another piece of good news is that Scotty JX will soon give me the next video! I want to apologise to all of you that I am keeping you waiting for so long. I was complaining to Scotty and asking, "what is going on - when will you give me that video that my fans are waiting for?" He explained to me that it just takes a long time to prepare, mainly because of the original music that is made especially for the soundtrack of my videos and that careful editing takes quite a while for the best results and so on.

So, he gave me a little taster, some candy for you guys - a few stills from this new movie. The video will be different this time - it is not the action kind, like the last one - much more soft and sweet, but also very provocative and sexy and it is shot in MY APARTMENT so you can sneak a peek into my privacy a little bit!

We shot this video in a whole day so there is plenty of steamy hot action and I will present it to you in parts, so fingers crossed that Scotty JX finishes the edit as soon as possible.

Kisses from Veronika

July 2008

Hello there everybody

Lately I received a few emails, asking the question about how many more new videos are coming to my website.

There are still a few to come from my recent shoots; I believe there is at least one more part coming, that is a continuation of the scenes on location in my apartment - featuring me in the shower!

Then there is a video that we made in an old movie theatre in Prague, and that should be a very sensual one.

I am just back home from London and I bring you a holiday present. There are some new photosets of me, the first is coming to my website exclusively, in just one week. ..And how is my life going, you may ask? ..I am happy that the summer is here; I love the sunshine and the sunsets by the sea. I am enjoying taking care of my horses, donkeys and dogs and, of course, especially my husband.

I wish you all a lot of fun on your summer holidays - but please do not forget me and come back to me soon.

Ok, see you around.



Dec 21, 2008

My dear fans,

I want to thank the ones who congratulated me for our anniversary; it is hard to believe, but it is already five years since my wedding!

My husband and I took a break from our usual life with our nine dogs, three donkeys and two horses - we took a trip with our friends to the Indonesian island of Bali and then we went to see Bangkok.

Bali made a great impression on me. I loved the peaceful feeling of the place, which I believe, derives from the fact that most of the population is Hindi. People of Bali are incredibly sweet, graceful and artistic and that is why I took the opportunity and the inspiration to personally design all the wooden features of the house that we are having built. I took the drawings with me and then we passed them on to the Balinese artisans to create and construct. The quality of the work is great - and the prices too!

We spent most of the time on the coastline but then we moved into the jungle near the village of Ubut. It was the most magical experience of my life and I would recommend it to anybody who needs not only a good detox of the mind but also of the body.

We stayed in the hotel Como Shambala - they have incredibly beautiful and roomy lodges right within the tropical forest! We were surrounded just by a green mass of trees and the air had so much oxygen you could almost smell it! One wonderful thing about the hotel was that we felt completely alone in the middle of the jungle - a total privacy! I loved that! No people! Unless you call room service!

After Bali we went to Bangkok, which was also very romantic, but the contrast of the rich and poor areas can be hard to take. The river, Cao Praja, flooded the poor little houses on the embankments since the water level was then the highest it had been for the whole year. Apart from the fact that it was very dirty, the Cao Praja gives the city a very romantic appeal. We left just the day before the political crises that started in Thailand, luckily for us! They closed the airport the day after we left.

Ok, my friends, enough about my fifth honeymoon... May I wish all of you a peaceful pre-Christmas time. Remember not to stress!!!... and I promise you that soon is coming a second part of the video of me showering in my husband's bathroom, the perfect shower for making a video - glass on three sides!!! So enjoy that 3D view of me! I felt like a fish in an aquarium!



March 8, 2009

Hello everybody,

I did not blog again for too long, so for the ones who want to know what is going on in my life... hmmm nothing much new actually, traveling here and there; I was, for example, in Prague for one week to see my few old friends that are still sticking around there since all these years, I felt very grateful that there are folks there that do not forget me, even if I am gone most of the time.

Watching the Czech TV, or going to local book stores and buying some books written in my home language was something I also enjoyed (for those that do not know, I have not been living in my home country for about six years and now I live in small Spanish Island when I am not traveling.) It is terrible but I seem to slowly forget my own language since I hardly ever use it anymore, I start to have a hard time to remember many words.

A good deal of time is spent trying to improve my riding skills with my horse. I enjoy designing the furniture for the new house that me and my husband are building in South Africa and I really love to spend time with my dogs.

You also probably want to hear my plans for the website, as most of you probably realize the movie series from Scotty JX reached the end - we talked about maybe working together again.

I did buy a new photo camera and I was thinking about my husband making some simple life pictures of me, more real but non nude stuff. That is just an idea of something new and different so we will see how it goes.

Anyways in the meantime I always try to find the hottest and the bustiest glamour models on the net, so please do write me about who you like the best and I will get some more sets and videos of that model.

I wish you all the best for the spring,

Kisses from


April 1, 2009

Ok decided that I will be writing this blog now much more more and more regularly.

I want to share with you the very happy ending story, about 6 cubs that our friends from Austria rescued from one lady in Bulgaria, she probably bought them from some circus and kept them in her garden, they where cute kittens but they did grow and it became of course impossible for her to take care of them, They surly belong to African free nature that is what they deserve and so my husband helped to send them to organization in Africa that rehabilitates animals from live in captivity in to free nature.

And how did this story came to my life? I went to buy some dog food in one store in Austria (I was on the holiday and I had my dog with me) and there was a charity box for homeless dogs and some printed material about Austrian organization that helps them, I did put some money in and brought a booklet about the activities of that organization with me to home, there where some horrific stories about dogs being tortured in Bulgaria. As my husband saw it he decided to help them from then on .A year later he became friends with the people from Austria who are helping in an incredible way all these dogs and they found an old lion living next to a factory in terrible conditions underground in old car. With the help of Born Free (animal organization from UK) and the Austrian people the Lion named Simba was sent a few months ago already back to his home country. Now the same people found a little bit later 6 young lions and my husband again got involved to help them to get relocated to Africa. I also helped with some of the website money and now just yesterday they have arrived in Cape Town.

Here is what our friends just wrote us today: First of all our mission was very successful, the 6 lions arrived after 40 hours of traveling on the farm. Load Monday morning 1.00 in Romania drive to Austria my place, (bad conditions on road with snow) stop for some food and water from 10.00 - 13.00, then go on to Munich. Departure at 21.40 to Dubai again stop for 2 hours for water, we had security passes so we can go directly to the plane. Departure Dubai 8.35 and arrive to CPT 16.30 and get through customs and all officials quickly.

See you soon right here!


April 13, 2009

Hello Friends

Here I am again with my blog! See - I'm getting better at it! As I wrote in one of my previous blogs, my husband and I are together designing and building a house in Cape Town that required us to leave our Spanish home and come down here to South Africa for three months.

We took three of our dogs with us. You cannot imagine how extremely difficult and expensive it is to travel intercontinental with animals. Anyway, no matter how hard we tried to make sure one hundred percent that every preparation was correct, there was a problem found in the documents and they had to spend three nights and days in quarantine. It was a heart breaking experience for me not to be able to see them after their arrival, you know that they had to go cargo; they could not go with us. The quarantine place looks like a prison and they could not even stay together.

Now we have them right here and we try to spoil them after their traumatizing experiences. It is two weeks now and they are still pretty traumatized by that horrible experience; they have no appetite and their stomachs are upset - I guess that is from the stress of the journey.

I want to tell you that Cape Town is an absolutely amazing city that offers everything: stunning beaches right in the city, huge mountains, excellent food and fantastic night life and lots of cute fashion stores. The people are very friendly and they mean it (they are not fake like people in LA) and I could go on and on! Everything is really great and you spend almost nothing in comparison to Europe.

You may well be asking, how are my days spent here? Well, so far I am definitely not bored, I take care of our dogs, and we have no garden so I have to take them out for walks often. I found a beautiful place for horse riding which lets me improve my skills for the horse that I had to leave at home.

I probably do not need to tell you that the website maintenance takes a little time out each day and you also probably can imagine that there is a lot to do if it comes to house construction. Still, I try to find some time for my friends here and for simply enjoying the place.

It all has a down side; I miss home a lot sometimes, especially those animals that we could not take with us, thank god that we have wonderful people that are taking care of them while we are not there. Here are few pictures that my husband took of me on the balcony of the house that we are renting here in Cape Town. It took us just about five minutes to make these pictures, just before we went for dinner with our friends. It is the real me - no professional lighting and zero retouching, so do not judge me too much, hey - I will be thirty-four soon! :-((((

I want to tell you more; I bought a new professional camera. I want to create more live pictures of me, but I have to study the camera manual first, and teach it to my husband, you would not believe how difficult these cameras are these days, the manual has four hundred pages, but it does have some amazing functions.

Big kisses and see you soon my friends,


April 30, 2009

Hello my friends

I decided to write a kind of depressive blog this time, a blog about how I am de-motivated to actually write a blog. Would you like to know why?

Because whatever I create shows up the next day on a brand new ersatz copy of my website work somewhere on the Internet! What I mean, is that somebody just steals my whole entire website content, including pieces of my own design. Those parasites not only steal the materials like photosets and videos, my blogs, calendar and so on, but they are also too lazy to create the design and so they just take pieces of my design and rearrange them together.

I am also completely fed up with all those fake profiles of mine on myspace and other chat rooms. Strange people pretend that they are me and correspond with my fans. Why do they do that? Do they profit from that somehow? I have absolutely no idea.

Anyway YOU identity thieves and plagiarists out there that are doing this - are you going to steal this blog?? I guess not!

Yes, I am tired of feeding parasites and there are so many around us, they are incapable of creativity on their own, so the only way for them to survive is to feed on somebody else's creative work.

Anyway, I think that is about time that I should stop complaining! I guess my mood dropped in the last two weeks because I was sick with pretty heavy bronchitis and there is nothing worse for me than if I have to stay in bed. You know, I am at my most happy state if I can run around, be active, and do a little bit of sport at least every other day.

Now, at last, I am finally fine and running at full throttle again, happy and grateful to be healthy.

So, I wish you good health my dears.



May 18, 2009

Hi my friends,

Remember that I wrote in one of my latest blogs about my new camera? With it I did some test pictures on my Sunday time-out with my husband and dogs Lara, Lenka and Muffin.

For the ones that did not read all my blogs I am spending some time in Cape Town, South Africa. The photos that I want to share with you, I took in the countryside around Cape Town and many are taken on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world - Long Beach - that is near to the village called Noordhoek, close to Cape Town. I tried to capture the feeling of freedom, space and peace, and with people, dogs and children all running freely in the harmony. Everyone there enjoyed themselves. Where in the world can you still see that?

There are two pictures of me, which my husband took just from far away so my figure is very small there, I was not wearing any make-up so I did not allow him to take anymore nearer to me - sorry!

The weather here starts to be going into winter and I finished all I wanted to achieve here so I am thinking about going back to Ibiza in Spain.

I hope that you enjoyed my super sized old photo sets. I try to keep my promise to obtain my old sets in the best quality that I can get.



June 14, 2009

My dear friends

This blog is very difficult for me to write, since it is still pretty hard for me to believe what happened to me.

I went with a few friends for a ride with the horses in a riding school here in South Africa. We went to the beach and had a great ride in the water and on the way back to the stables we had to cross a major road with quite some traffic.

As I had just crossed the main road full of cars, entering a pathway through a field, suddenly there was a truck entering behind my horse.

My horse got frightened, I don't know exactly what happened, but suddenly I was lying on the ground and when I opened my eyes, there was the truck driver apologizing and checking to see if I was all right. I could not get up for a while and I became quickly aware of a great pain in my back.

I did get up anyhow and jumped back on the horse to get back to the stables. Then I drove my car for half an hour to arrive back home. By that time the pain in my back was terrible. I was in agony and luckily my husband was home and he could drive me to the hospital.

The outcome of the fall is one fractured vertebra and the ligament behind the vertebra is also broken, so now I have to be in the brace (my husband says that I look sexy in it "like an action girl with a parachute on her back" :-) ) for two months. I am confined to quarters under house arrest so to speak for at least four weeks and I cannot really do much of anything that I like for a few months.

Now it is ten days since it happened and I start to feel a little bit better, but the first week was the most difficult time of my life. I was in fear that I might never recover - I was in agonizing discomfort and to alleviate the pain I had to take an absurd amount of pills to get through the night.

Anyway I consider myself lucky that I am not paralyzed and that one day, hopefully, I will get back to be as I was before. No matter what, I will still try to keep the website going, if there are any delays with new content then please forgive me.

I hope that you enjoy the set of new Czech porn star Domino, together with her other busty friend, I think that she is incredibly hot what do you think?

I will keep you posted about my condition and I will try to get better as soon as possible to bring some more interesting and less depressing blogs with more informal photographs.

So guys, do not do any risky sports; do not ride in traffic on horses that you do not know very well unless you are super riders, because our life is very fragile and can end within a second when you least expect it.



July 4, 2009

Hi T-man, Frodo and friends

Thanks for asking about how I am. You are right, I never got so much rest as I have in the last two months. At the same time I must admit that those months were the most challenging in my life. I broke two vertebraes and I went through unbelievable pain and feelings of anxiety as to if I will be well again, I was taking about nine pain killers daily but I am off the pills now and I can gradually wear the brace less. I am hoping that I will be without the pain one day and that I can live the same quality of life as before or at least similar.

I will soon write more in my blog.

Kiss, Veronika

July 30, 2009

Hello my friends

I promised, in my fan club, that I would let you know how I am recovering after my horse riding accident. It is nearly eleven weeks now since it happened and I am doing fine -- almost -- I am off the brace and I have no more severe pain. However, I must admit that getting off the brace is not exactly pain-free. Soon I can start with the rehabilitation program and make the muscles strong again.

As I mentioned already, I spent about six weeks in bed. I think that I saw all the movies in the world, I read a lot, and besides that I did a lot of thinking. You know that if you are forced to put your life on hold for some months, it makes you re-evaluate your pre-accident life and you feel like you want to start with a blank sheet.

So I am changing my future plans a little because suddenly I see importance in slightly different things then before. I removed some people from the book that were in my life because the accident showed me that I mean nothing to them. On the other side of the coin, many people proved to be true friends, giving me an incredible support. It was really amazing to see how many caring people I have around. I cleaned up my closet and the house in the same way. Some things ended up in the garbage and some I treasure more. Of course, I learned a lot about myself too and realised that there are many parts of my character that I want to work on. I think I did get my lesson through this experience and I hope that it is true that 'what does not kill you, makes you stronger'. :-)

So many thanks to the few of you who cared enough to write to me some nice words. Thanks to all of you for understanding that some of the weekly updates were a little bit delayed.



Approximately 1 week after this last post, Veronika's website would abruptly shutdown, unfortunately marking an end to any interaction Veronika would have with her fans.