Veronika appeared in 3 major series of trading cards published by Hot Shots:

  • Hot Shots '98 Trilogy Part 2
    • Lingerie Subset

  • Hot Shots '98 Trilogy Part 3
    • International Sex Symbols Subset
    • Double Shot

  • Hot Shots 2000
    • Millennium Girls Subset

All sets featured double sided cards where in several instances the one side made a larger puzzle poster. As well each set was made available in 2 styles ... normal and with a foil stamped label.

Foil Stamped Set

Lingerie Subset (Front)

Lingerie Subset (Back)

Lingerie Subset Bonus Card

International Sex Symbols

International Sex Symbols (Foil Stamped Version)

Double Shot

Millennium Girls (Foil Stamped Set)

Millennium Girls

Hot Shots 2000 Puzzle