Veronika marries German billionaire Francis Oswald Urs Schnetzler, after which she quickly retreated from the mainstream modeling business. Veronika (now Veronika Schnetzlerová) worked with very few photographers after her marriage. Most of the sets which were released on her website were actually shot by Francis himself. An interesting thing to note is that Francis actually gets the credit in the trailer of the movie "Zemanovaload" for providing all the "Veronika photos" used in the film.

Set 359
David Titlow

Veronika gets her second larger set of implants in early 2004. Seeing that she did very little modeling after getting these it seems a little bewildering why she opted to increase her size even further. After her last photo shoots in late 2009 she finally appears to have them removed and return to her original natural size.

Set 366

Set 344

Set 496

Set 497

Set 498

Set 367
Schnetzler (Ibiza June/July 2004)

Set 355

Set 356

Set 357

Set 358

Set 362
Schnetzler (Ibiza May/June 2005)

Set 370

Set 371

Set 360

Set 364

Set 365

Set 381
Scotty JX (Aug 2005)
Stafford (Prague)

Set 377

Set 382

Set 375

Set 493
James Stafford (London - June 13, 2006)

Set 388

Set 386

Set 387

Set 385

Set 489
Scotty JX (Prague - Aug. 2007)

Set 396

Set 415

Set 402

Set 413

Set 414

Set 404

Set 405

Set 406
Jens Wikholm (London - May 2008)

Set 397

Set 395

Set 398

Set 492

Set 472
James Stafford (London - May 2008)
Schnetzler (Bali)

Set 399

Set 400

Set 407

Set 408

Set 409

Set 410

Set 412

Set 411
Schneztler (Cape Town - Mar. 2009)
Scotty JX (Ibiza - Sept 26-28, 2009)
This was the last official photoshoot which Veronika would ever do.

After 2010 only a handful of pictures have been discovered of Veronika, several posted inside her real estate holdings company sales brochures plus the odd candid photo. Veronika became a mother of twin girls not too long after the last photoshoot.





Set 419


Cape Town (June 2010)
Ibiza (Oct. 16, 2011)
Ibiza (Oct. 13, 2012)

Thank you Veronika for making the world a nicer place to live by gracing all of us with your eternal beauty.
We, your fans, wish you all the happiness in the world for the rest of your life.