In late 2000, Veronika had her first breast augmentation surgery. Although at the time many of us were upset that she underwent the surgery, it is hard to argue that the results were fantastic turning an already outrageously sexy, drop dead gorgeous figure into a mind blowing, 6 star, beyond believe super body; catapulting Veronika into immediate super stardom. Much fame and fortune quickly followed and Veronika became one of the the most sought after models in the World as is evidenced by the fact that the years 2001 to 2003 have their own dedicated pages in the index due to the high volume of photoshoots. I doubt that Veronika had much time to sleep during those years given the sheer quantity of photoshoots.

To set the record straight regarding Veronika's decision to get breast implants, here is a transcript of what Veronika originally posted on her website blog at "":

My dear fans:

I see that we have some discussion going on in the Fan Forum and it is about my breasts or "tits" - however you want to call them.

First of all, I would like to reply to some opinions which have appeared a few times in there; to paraphrase: "Why did I change my breasts if my natural ones were so beautiful" and "Now I have them too big and too fake"

I altered the profile of my own breasts by constantly trying to change my body shape as part of a very hard exercise regime. Why did I do this to myself? Because there was always some man, an agent or photographer, who criticized something about my look - my hips being too big or my breasts being too big and hanging or some such other nonsense - and because of a lack of self confidence I felt very badly affected by their comments.

Now I understand that those guys did that, just because they did not have enough confidence themselves and so they needed to criticize me to exert an authority and show some kind of controlling power so that they could judge me. There was nobody who explained to me that I am good enough just the way that I am and to give a genuine compliment to say that they find all of me beautiful.

So, I was exercising far too hard because I wanted to change the way I looked completely. I was in the gym every day for a few hours with a crazy trainer who was one of those guys who wanted me to change my appearance. He fed me all kinds of pills to make that change quicker.

After a while, under this terrible strain my body revolted, and I was very sick for a few months. Then, to compound that misery, my heart was broken when I ended a mistaken relationship with one man. I stopped eating. I became dangerously underweight and along with the rest of my body, lost weight in my breasts completely. As a model I did not want to show myself anymore in such a state, but I needed to earn a living.

It was then that I decided to try implants.


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