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Veronika's Website History

Over the course of her career, Veronika had 3 official URLs which called her content "HOME".

Her last official site was suddenly and unexpectedly closed in Aug. 2009, which as it turned out was also around the time of her last photo shoot. I guess she assumed that if she was going to retire from the glamour modelling business she was going to retire completely.


Nov. 1997 - Nov. 2001


Nov. 2001 - Apr. 2003


May 2003 - Sept. 2005 (Orange Background)

Oct. 2005 - Aug. 2009 (Multi-colour Background)

The last website at www.veronika-zemanova.com was extremely rich in content and featured some exclusive material for the members, much of which luckily was saved at the time and can be found in sections below:

In Dreams Series

Diary & Blog Entries

Veronika Calendars

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