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Veronika's Orientation Guide

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If you are like us and ever wondered why Veronika looked a little different or strange in some photos, perhaps it was because her "mirror image alter ego" was represented in the place of the "true" Veronika. Sadly far too often images and in some cases even entire sets get published with the pictures of Veronika in the wrong orientation. True, sometimes in publishing this is done to improve the overall look of the magazine layout, but for website posts there is no excuse. Had they known of the few tell tale indicators presented here, they could have easily gotten it correct.

In this "Extras" section, a list of her 14 "orientation markers" or "visual cues" are provided. With this simple guide, there should be no more excuses for pictures being printed or posted the "alter ego side" around. At the end, we have provided some examples from published sets that you can test your skills on 😄

Note that most magazines or websites might Photoshop some or most of these markers away prior to printing/posting the pictures, so you might need to check several to figure it out.

Appendectomy Scar on Right side of Pelvis

This mark was less frequently removed via Photoshop so is an easy indicator to use in most cases where you can see her full torso in pictures.

Small Freckle just Underneath her Right Breast

As you can see from the images on the left, this freckle remained constant regardless of natural or augmented breasts. The ability to see it however depends of course on how Veronika positions her breasts as it could easily be covered from view.

This mark was a frequent target for Photoshop and was often removed before printing or posting.

Freckles on Triceps of Right Arm

These were a frequent target of Photoshop and removed most of the time.

Freckles on Left Forearm just Above the Wrist

Veronika does have a couple of small light freckles on her right forearm just above the wrist but the ones on her left forearm are much more pronounced and darker.

Again these are frequently removed before printing or posting.

Smallpox Vaccination Scar on Upper Left Arm

Typical smallpox vaccination scar most people have...at least most that were vaccinated in Europe.

Freckle on Inner Left Thigh just above the Knee

When not Photoshopped away, this very large pronounced freckle on the inner thigh just above the left knee made it easy to tell orientation if her legs were in the photo even if taken from a distance.

In many cases, it could even be seen through her panty hose.

Areola Size

This indicator applies only to her natural breasts. For these her left breast areola was significantly larger than her right breast.

In certain instances a vein was present running through the outside edge of the left areola.

Breast Shape

Veronika's left and right natural breasts hung differently with the left breast starting higher up on her chest than the right breast.

This was not as pronounced after her breast implants and not a reliable indicator of orientation. Even with her natural breasts, depending on how Veronika leaned this indicator could be deceiving.

Small Freckle on Rear of Right Leg just Above the Ankle

One of only 2 visual queues to be able to determine orientation if Veronika's back is facing the camera. Is very small and hard to see on most photos if not removed.

Scar on Rear Left Shoulder Blade

This subtle indicator visible under certain lighting angles is the only other visible queue available if only Veronika's back faces the camera.

Pattern on Areolas

This visual queue can be used to easily tell the orientation of Veronika if the images provide a closeup view of her breasts. Her right breast areola has a 6 point pattern in a circular arrangement around the nipple while left breast only has 2.

This can reliably be used for photos taken when she still had natural breasts as well as after both her first and second breast augmentation surgeries.

Breast Flat Spot

The indicator only applies to pictures taken after her second / last breast augmentation surgery. From certain angles a noticeable flat spot below her left breast's areola is visible.

This was not as evident when she first got the second breast augmentation surgery but became more pronounced shortly thereafter.

Small Freckle on Knuckles of the Right Hand

Almost always Photoshopped away, but included for completeness since it does appear on the ocassional image.

Eye Size

When all else fails and all other visual queues have been removed, this is a queue which relies on the fact that Veronika's left eye is slightly smaller than right eye when viewed head on. A subtle but powerful asymmetric indicator which to be honest once you realize that Veronika has this feature makes most photos just "appear wrong" when published or posted in the wrong orientation.

Find below a summary of all the markers. Click on the images to open high resolution examples of these "markers".

Veronika Orientation Markers - F

Veronika Orientation Markers - Rear - F

Veronika's Orientation Quiz

Have fun and try finding some "wrongly" oriented pics yourself, now that you have the "secret Veronika orientation decoder ring" 😉

Here's a sampling of images from published sets ... select whether you think the published orientation is correct or not !!!