First Website (1997-2001)

This was Veronika's very first website. It was her home from Nov. 1997 to Nov. 2001.

Veronika was the only model featured on this site. It was originally started by Veronika and her manager. However, after Nov. 2001, they split ways with each other and Veronika moved all her material over to a new site at The original website stayed open but started to feature other models and eventually became REXGI several years later.

All the content released on this site featured one of 2 logos, both incorporating the wording. The first was a pink set of lips and the second a simple circular pattern. A total of 106 of Veronika's sets were published on this website. A sampling of the pics appear below:

Find below a collection of screenshots from the original website, highlighting some of Veronika specific features:

After Veronika pulled out from the site, it's focus changed. While older sets of Veronika were still offered, other models also began to be featured on the website.