Third Website (2003-2009)

This was Veronika's very last official website. It was her home from May 2003 to Aug. 2009.

Over the course of those 6 years, the site appearance changed significantly twice; the initial release (May 2003 - Sept. 2005) featuring very distinctive orange back drop, the the second (Oct. 2005 - Aug. 2009) featuring the same multi-colour backgrounds used on this website (examples of these are presented below).

All the content released on this site featured the cat logo with the words Although the position of the cat relative to the logo text did change over time. At the beginning, the cat was infront of the text while towards the end the cat shifted position to be integrated with the "www" text. It was the cat logo which influenced the logo used on this fan site, with the "sexy cat" signifying a grown up Veronika.

The "" URL is still active but is now owned by "Digital Desire" (AdultPrime Network). It has absolutely no affiliation with Veronika at all anymore.

At the time Veronika's site closed it was hosting a total of 248 of her sets along with 81 videos. A sampling of the pics appear below:

Find below a collection of screen shots from the "Orange Back Drop" version:

Main Screens

Free Tours

Find below a collection of screen shots and link to content from the "Multi-colour Back Drop" version:

Main Screens

This last website was extremely rich in content and featured some exclusive material for the members, much of which luckily was saved at the time and can be found in sections below:

In Dreams Series

Diary & Blog Entries

Veronika Calendars

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