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Welcome to the definitive fan tribute website celebrating the beauty that is Veronika Zemanová. Born in a small city in the Bohemian region of the Czech Republic on the 14th of April, 1975, Veronika would grow up to become one of the most sought after, photographed and admired glamour models of the late 1990's and 2000's. Part of what made Veronika so special was her almost chameleon way of transforming her appearance photoshoot to photoshoot providing us with an almost endless array of unique poses to admire until the end of time. There was a certain metaphysical pull about her that transcended her tangible physical beauty that made her such a hot commodity. A fantasy from the then newly liberated East, with startlingly high cheek bones, huge pouty lips, long sculpted legs, a tiny waist, soft, full sloping breasts and yes, those entrancing caramel-brown eyes. Veronika had a quality in photos that represented an ideal for men that society both objectified and shamed them for wanting.

Her 12 year modeling career would end abruptly in 2009 without any announcement or fanfare from Veronika. However that by no means signalled an end to the love affair her many adoring fans still had for her. Her legacy lives on through websites like this where her beauty can forever be admired and celebrated. This site is in fact created by her fans for her fans and provides the most complete catalog of all of Veronika Zemanová's work throughout her entire career as was released on websites or published in magazines and books.

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Here you will find the official catalog (index) of all known photographs which have been found of Veronika Zemanová.

The photo collection is presented in 2 formats ... the first simply by "Set Number" and the second in "Chronological Order" based on the original date they were photographed.

The current official collection consists of photos comprised of pics from photo shoots and pics which were released as vidcaps from Veronika's video shoots.

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Here you will find the most complete list of Veronika Zemanová's video appearances published anywhere. IMDB doen't even come close to the listing here!!

Veronika has appeared in well over 300 videos and 35 tapes/disks over the years. Although, like her magazine appearances, new ones continue to be uncovered every year, so who knows what the final tally eventually will be.

In the Filmography section is the list of every tape/disk that Veronika has appeared on, while the remaining links in this section present the individual videos published of her either on websites or extracted as stand-alone videos from the tapes/disks.

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Here, you will find the most comprehensive listing anywhere of Veronika Zemanova's magazine appearances.

The current collection contains: issues, of which Veronika has appeared on the cover an astonishing times. This tally keeps increasing as new magazines are discovered each month, so how many total magazines Veronika was published in is still a mystery.

The collection is presented both in the chronological sequence in which the magazines were published and sorted in alphabetical order by magazine title.

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Look here for an extremely extensive collection of artwork featuring Veronika Zemanová.

This section features paintings from over artists totalling works of art ... including Veronika herself. It is easy to see why Veronika was the inspiration for the work of so many artists which we the fans now have the pleasure of admiring and enjoying.

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In this section you will find a collection of 863 wallpapers featuring Veronika Zemanová from numerous largely unknown talented artists.

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In this section you will find a diverse collection of Veronika Zemanová's material covering everything from her bio, measurements, trading card appearances and even her foray into the recording arts.

  • Biography: Veronika's official bio as published on her original website
  • Vital Stats: A look at Veronika's ever changing "measurements" throughout her career
  • Orientation Guide: A primer to help you figure out if a published picture of Veronika is in the correct orientation
  • Diary & Blog Entries: A glimpse into the professional life of Veronika through her posts in the "Diary & Blog" sections of her previous websites
  • Interviews & Stories: A set of interviews which were published about Veronika providing insights into her life, career, thoughts and feelings
  • Discography: Details of Veronika's one and only foray into the world of music
  • Old Website Content: A glimpse back at all the websites Veronika called home/li>
  • Puzzles: Several puzzles which originally appeared on Veronika's websites
  • Trading Cards: A catalog of all the trading cards that Veronika appeared on
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A blog where some of the latest news and findings about Veronika are released and can be discussed.

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For the serious collector only. The ultimate forum for sharing and discussing anything about Veronika with other fans.

Membership to the forum is moderated and continued access requires active participation. Leeching is not tolerated.

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A chronological listing of all the updates to Veronika content which appears on this website

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