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March 1998 / J. Stephen Hicks


Penthouse / Penthouse No. 7 July 2003 (NL) / Penthouse Extra No. 22 La Chicas del 2002 (Jan 2003)

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orange and black / brown striped bathing suit, white wall, sunglasses


Part of a 13 set photo shoot Veronika would do for J. Stephen Hicks as part of her first modelling trip to the USA back in 1998. It would represent the largest single collection of photographs ever taken of Veronika in a few day period. This trip yielded some of the best sets and photographs of Veronika ever taken; with many being published in virtually all the world's leading adult magazines. Looking back, I think Veronika can thank J. Stephen Hicks for recognizing the potential she had and as a result of the quality of these first two US photo shoots, catapulted her career into super stardom!!!

Strangely enough, this was one of the only "Penthouse" sets which was never featured on their website ... only a few select pics ever appeared in print, however this set was featured in an accompanying "behind the scenes" video entitled:

NEX-002: "DDGirls Backstage"

Veronika Zemanova Photo Shoot / Set # 230
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