Set 369

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Set # 369 - "Dreaming B&W"

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Year / Photographer

2003 / Hervé Lewis


Set features

B&W, artistic poses, black leather strapped shoes


Hervé Lewis was behind the camera for this set which was created in a Paris studio. Hervé is quite a character himself, as he is not only well known for his photographic skills, but also as a bodybuilder who trains many French stars and also as a psychologist of great merit.

This was the second and last time Veronika would work with Hervé.

Some oh so very artistically sexy B&W poses of Veronika in front of a mirror. A few years ago I came across a version of one of these pics which was colourized by someone on one of the forums. What a fantastic job.

Veronika Zemanova Photo Shoot / Set # 369
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