Set 373

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Set # 373 - "Self Reflection"

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1995 / Veronika Zemanova


Veronika Zemanova

Set features

camera, bathroom, mirror, white shirt, short hair, self portrait


These self portaits of Veronika were taken during a difficult time in Veronika's early life. She posted some comments about that period on her website which I have transcribed her to reflect on her thinking at the time she shot this set:

Turning twenty, she had matured into an amazingly beautiful girl with an erotic, sensual body, a combination that drove every man crazy. Followed everywhere, stared at and approached by strangers, Veronika’s natural shyness deepened and she began to resent her beauty, thinking it the reason men treated her rudely. She saw their disrespect of her as a woman with goals, talent and ambition, lusting after her only as an object of sexual desire.

Veronika consciously made herself less attractive, forgoing makeup, wearing baggy pants and outsized sweaters. From deep in the shelter of such formless clothing, a shy and talented girl looked bravely out into a world that was increasingly competitive.

Veronika Zemanova Photo Shoot / Set # 373
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