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Set # 392 - "Boy / Girl Field"

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1996 / Rocchi-Marocco


Sex Woche Magazine: (1998) No. 29, No. 41 & (1999) No. 25, (2005) No. 22

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boy/girl, b/g, black leather skirt, black panties, softcore, field, graffiti wall, gold necklace, bracelet, watch


Veronika's "hardest" softcore boy/girl set she would ever do. Shot very early in her career before she became famous. The only pictures ever found were published in 4 issues of the German weekly magazine called "Sex Woche".

I still recall when these pictures were first posted on the forums ... no one would believe that this was indeed Veronika and claims were made that the images were Photoshopped. It took quite some time to uncover the source of these photos as the original poster had only scanned clippings from the magazine and had discarded the original cover some time earlier. After much searching however, the source was finally found ... Sex Woche No. 29 published July 1998 ... and here's the full page proof:

The real strange thing about this issue was that Veronika was ALSO the featured centrefold:

I wonder if the editor even knew they were publishing Veronika twice in the same issue ... as she went by the name of "Gina" in the boy/girl shoot and of course by "Veronica" for the Set 066 layout.

This set itself was part of an at least 8 set photo shoot Veronika would do for the famous Italian photographers Roberto Rocchi and Franco Marocco in 1996. This was to be honest Veronika's first "real" professional photo shoot and she can thank Roberto Rocchi for giving her the perfect kick start to launch her career with some stunningly beautiful sets.

I found out from Roberto that he had shot Veronika in many different outfits and poses that weekend, unfortunately only 5 sets ever made it into mass circulation with the others having only had scattered prints published in some German weekly adult magazines. The worst part however is that I recently discovered that virtually all of the original material from these photo shoots has been either lost or was destroyed when the Vanity photo agency went out of business. What a terrible waste :-(

If anyone still happens to be in possession of any of the original material however then .

Veronika Zemanova Photo Shoot / Set # 392
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